Marvin Vettori criticizes the media for talking so much about Jake Paul

Jake Paul isn’t the first celebrity to dabble in combat sports. However, he is the one who has a fight soon and also facing a former MMA fighter like Ben Askren.

The show staged between Jake Paul and Ben Askren has caused all kinds of reactions. Some are excited and morbid to see what happens in the ring. Combat sports purists don’t look kindly on the hype about it. Marvin Vettori is one of them and criticizes that some media dedicated to combat sports are giving so much coverage to the event.

“It is a lack of respect. Most disrespectful of all are some shitty outlets I’ve seen that give Jake credit as a boxer. I understand that with the media there is a push and pull, but the central objective should always be to inform. That has been lost. It has been lost in general. You can already find anything. It can be news, it can be MMA, it can be anything. It’s kind of sad to see that. They are looking for any clickbait to put in the news. The content sucks and it just keeps getting worse. It’s sad.”

Paul has millions of followers on social media and he’ll be getting a hefty check for his show with Askren. This outrages Vettori who claims that there are many real fighters who struggle to achieve their dreams of fighting professionally.

“It is very sad. There are people who have dedicated their entire lives to this. This guy kept doing stupid things with other guys until he got a little famous. Then he started fighting other youtubers or whatever, but no fighter and choosing rivals. Even making more money, it’s disrespectful. “

Marvin would like Paul to earn credit and face real challenges. In fact, he invites you to visit him in his gym if he really wants to know the world of fighting.

Bring him to Huntington. Trust me, we would not be unfair to him or attack him. Do you want fighting experience? All right. Enter the cage and I will gladly receive you. Or I can send a 145-pound man to tear it apart. It is the world we live in today. You can’t do much about it. Just stay in your own lane and do your own shit. That is all. But I am willing to teach him a lesson. I would basically do it for free. “