Recently, Marvin Anthony swung that Greg Yega had been very demeaning towards him during the filming of the cross of the Marseillais. A behavior due to the rapprochement of the former candidate of Love Island with Maeva Ghennam?

After participating in Love Island broadcast on Amazon Prime, Marvin Anthony joined the cast of the Marseillais cross this year. Member of the Rest of the World, the young man immediately caught the eye of Maeva Ghennam when she arrived in the Cannes villa. If for the moment, on the screen, the two young people get to know each other, this rapprochement seems to strongly displease Greg Yega, the ex of Maeva, who has yet entered into a relationship with Angèle Salentino.

If you are following this new season, remember that Greg attacked the Parisian from the first episode, when he arrived in the competition, dressed to the nines:

Keep still, bro. Unbutton a bit, you’re going to suffocate, let go of the jacket a bit… It’s advice.

Greg jealous of Marvin?

Greg and Maeva had a complicated love affair and broke up on several occasions. The Marseillais even admitted having had to consult a psychologist to recover from this tumultuous relationship, which would have destroyed him internally.

Apparently decided to turn the page, Greg was seduced by Angèle, member of the Rest of the World and former candidate of Love Island. But it seems that forgetting Maeva is not so easy for Paga’s best friend. The two exes do not stop arguing and Greg does not hide his animosity towards Marvin, who pleases Carla Moreau’s best friend very much.

The 24-year-old also confided that Greg kept putting him down during filming, constantly reminding him that he came from an Amazon Prime program:

He was the only one every day that put me down like, “Yeah, you’re from Amazon Prime”, basically you’re a shit. And that people don’t see because that’s something you can’t put in the edit. But the guy, all the time, he said to me: “Amazon Prime” while his girl, she comes from the same platform as me. (…) And me, I find it cheap to put people down in relation to that.–SNJR_7/

Greg’s behavior has been heavily criticized by Internet users. The Marseillais is accused of having taken the big head and being rather arrogant during this season. Critics that did not seem to reach the Bebew, who responded quite casually to his critics.