Marvel’s next series Secret Invasion has already chosen directors

Being one of the most popular stories in the comics of Marvel and with a great cast announced, Secret invasion It is one of the most anticipated series of the study. As it became known, the show has already completed the selection process for those who will be its directors.

However, this has not been the only news that has raised the expectations of the fans in relation to the project. The signings of big stars for the cast of Secret Invasion had recently been announced. Among these hires stand out Olivia coleman, the famous Emilia clarke ( Game of Thrones, Solo: A Star Wars Story) Y Killian Scott, which they will occupy that have not yet been revealed.

For its part, the plot has been kept secret, although for lack of who directed the production, surely there is still much to define. However, it is known that Samuel L. Jackson Y Ben mendelsohn will replay the roles they had in Captain Marvel What Nick fury Y Talos, respectively. In addition, it is known that logically it will summarize a great infiltration of the Skrull on Earth, of which we have seen enough, since they have been present in several films.

Also, there are supposed to be big surprises in history. This is because in the comic strips more characters than previously believed were infiltrating shapeshifting aliens. After the plot twist on the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sharon carter it could be one of them.

Will there be any other news?

On the other hand, the star actor Kingsley ben-adir He will play the main villain of Secret Invasion. Who it will be has not been identified, but it could be the emperor Dorrek VII.

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