Marvel’s great heroes could return with time travel

The most iconic Marvel heroes are gone. Two years ago, the death of Tony Stark ended an era in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is also Steve Rogers’ decision to abandon his timeline to live fully with Peggy Carter. Avengers: Endgame brilliantly closed a cycle of films and a complex story. However, it left Marvel in a somewhat awkward situation.

How to replace the most beloved Marvel heroes? How to get fans to connect with the following protagonists? It seemed like a daunting task that required careful planning.

However, at the end of 2019, Marvel showed a calendar full of premieres and news. From the fourth part of the adventures of Thor, to series of his most beloved secondary characters. The study was ready to continue. There were even announcements about the long-term future of the saga, which included Blade.

So the pandemic came and stopped the movie industry. For Marvel it meant rethinking its goals and starting to come up with an immediate contingency plan. Or at least a structure that would allow ongoing productions to survive. The successive postponements not only modified the calendar, but also ended up creating a new dynamic for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And although Kevin Feige insisted that the changes were “few and not too significant”, it was clear that it was something profound. So much as to rethink Marvel from the ground up and start down a different path.

New faces, new adventures

After the premiere of Black Widow was delayed several times, the phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe changed appreciably. WandaVision, which until then had been a bold experiment by the studio on Disney Plus, it took a prominent place.

If you add to that the participation of Wanda Maximoff in the direct sequel to Doctor Strange and the rumors that Spider-Man: No Way Home will play with interdimensional threads, it is more than evident that the pandemic played a key role in Marvel’s medium-term decisions.

That includes, of course, how the characters who survived Avengers: Endgame will be included in the new stories. And one of the most important is without a doubt Captain America, spiritual leader of The Avengers and who gave the shield to Anthony Mackie. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series recounted how Sam agreed to wear the symbol of good in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it also added villains and a whole new insight into morality.

All while the common thread is reconfigured to highlight a new generation of Marvel heroes that must gradually replace the traditional ones. But there are big questions to answer: Will they be able to do it without further ado?

It is inevitable to analyze the fact from pragmatism. Despite the triumph of the Marvel series, it is unlikely that Wanda Maximoff or Sam Wilson can sustain a movie on their own. That, despite the announcement of a fourth Captain America movie with a new face and the renewed prominence of the Scarlet Witch.

But much of phase 4 is uncertain. Black Widow has not yet been released. Details of Los Eternos are not yet available. There is still no substitute in importance and charisma for Tony Stark and the Hulk’s participation has already been announced as limited.

Marvel seems confident that he will be able to move on. But, the announcement of a project without a name and of which there are now no details with Evans at the helm could indicate something else. Has Marvel decided to include your most beloved characters again in your productions? The Loki series and its possible plot could be the answer.

Loki and Wanda have the answers

Loki could be the key to the return of Marvel's great heroes

According to the most recent trailer for Loki, the character is in an alternate timeline. After stealing the tesseract, the god of lies was able to escape from the team of early Marvel heroes using the space gem. From what is deduced from the advance, he not only limited himself to getting away from his captors, but to traveling through various universes and realities. The result is a multiple break of timelines.

His mission in the plot seems to be to repair everything he destroyed in his path while escaping. A temporary aberration so colossal that it led to Loki being held accountable for his actions towards TVA (Time Variation Authority).

It is evident that the god of lies will be the first traveler of time and alternative realities. But at the same time and in another layer, Wanda Maximoff is learning as fast as she can everything necessary to also do it. In the post credits scene of WandaVision, the character listened to the voices of his children while learning from the Darkhold. This opens the possibility that the twins are alive in one of the alternate realities of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If so, Wanda will most likely go in search of her and do so by opening spaces between universes. But even more intriguing is the idea that this journey makes him show another of his powers: reverse time. At least in the comic, Wanda is capable of rewriting reality. Will you make the decision to do it to get back to the point that is most convenient for whatever you are trying to do?

This may mean that at some point Loki and Wanda may match. If so, the temporary fracture is likely to be more extensive, dangerous, and serious. And perhaps it leads directly to the place where the original Avengers will have to intervene. It may seem crazy until the potential solo project with Chris Evans is discussed.

Although this is mere speculation, for now the most beloved Marvel heroes have every chance of return in all its glory.