Marvel’s Avengers: there is already a date for the arrival of Kate Bishop to the game

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Things are not going well for Marvel’s Avengers, as the title has lost a significant part of its user base in a short time. Despite this, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are confident that the game will recover with the arrival of new content.

However, the companies announced a few weeks ago that Marvel’s Avengers will not arrive this year on next-generation consoles. In addition, they decided to delay the arrival of Kate Bishop to the game, the first DLC character that was going to arrive in October.

Fortunately, Kate Bishop will not take as long to arrive as the version for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as the developers confirmed today that the heroine will join the title this year.

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When is Kate Bishop coming to Marvel’s Avengers?

Crystal Dynamics confirmed that Kate Bishop’s arrival in Marvel’s Avengers will mark the start of Season 1 of the game. The heroine will help the other superheroes in a new mission that involves time travel.

Kate Bishop will join the fighting beginning on December 8. It will arrive with a set of powerful abilities that were showcased in extensive gameplay. In addition, details of Operations, new campaigns with history were shared.

All of them will be in some way intertwined to be part of an even bigger story, where the superheroes will face different threats. Thus, the content of Kate Bishop will have its own narrative, enemies and locations.

Kate Bishop’s main mission will be to find Hawkeye, but she will be surprised to find clues about a conspiracy related to Nick Fury. The video confirms that the next content of the game, which will arrive in 2021, will focus precisely on Hawkeye. Below you can see the video with gameplay:

“Kate Bishop is a world-class archer, an expert with the sword and a master of sarcasm. As a protégé of Clint Barton, who also lacks superhuman powers, she displays impressive abilities that have nothing to envy those of the Avengers to protect the world, “says the character’s description.

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Marvel’s Avengers is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can visit this link to know more about it.