Marvel Studios will bet heavily on dinosaurs

In the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe dinosaurs could exist perfectly, what happens is that they are hidden in the wild.

After Avengers: Endgame (2019), in Marvel studios has the difficult task of continuing to impact fans. Luckily, you have many resources at your fingertips. On the one hand, the use of classic characters from very popular comics such as The Fantastic Four or the x-men. But also, they are adding little-known heroes but with very important actors like The Eternals or Shang-chi. But it also has the great support of the series of Disney Plus What WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, She-hulk, Ms. Marvel or Secret invasion. Now they are planning to up the ante and add dinosaurs to the formula.

Marvel studios is working on a great movie about dinosaurs that will be based on the wild lands. In the comics, this place is a tropical area with prehistoric animals and plants that is hidden in Antarctica. As if the beings that lived 65 million years ago, had been trapped in a place where the conditions of life had continued outside the rest of the planet.

The Secret Invasion series could be very important to the wilds.

If you really want to introduce this place to Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe has a great opportunity with the series Secret invasion, since in the comics, the skrulls they knew that place and drew its mineral resources. So if you make a reference, then that could trigger a movie to visit that area full of dinosaurs. It would also be interesting if they added to Ka-Zar, a human who lives there and who looks a lot like Tarzan.

Marvel Studios will make a movie with dinosaurs

Although for now, it seems more a response to the great success of the franchise of Jurassic world that in 2022 he will release his last film, closing the trilogy. In addition, in Marvel studios It is not that they are very spiteful but it seems that he did not sit very well than in 2015 Jurassic world with 1,670 million dollars it was more gross than the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, which raised 1,402 million. Even the dinosaurs of Universal Pictures they got more money than The Avengers of 2012, since the first meeting of the great team of heroes got 1,518 million. Therefore, they could not unseat the sequel to Jurassic Park until it arrived Avengers: Infinity War (2018) with 2,048 million dollars.

So in no time Marvel studios could present two mythical places from his comics such as Atlantis with Namor and the wild lands with Ka-Zar. Which also has great connections with the mutants of the x-men.

While they are unveiling their plans, all the movies and series of Marvel studios can be seen in the Disney Plus streaming platform by following this link.

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