Marvel Studios will add great characters to Young Avengers

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The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe is introducing characters that could come together and form the Young Avengers team.

A manager from Marvel studios He commented that the film studio’s top priority was to attract younger generations and take an interest in its new stories. Since he knew perfectly well that all those who saw the first films that were released in 2008 as Hombre de Hierro or The incredible Hulk, They are very loyal fans and will see all the deliveries that reach theaters or Disney Plus. But … What about the new generations? Those children who did not go to theaters to see the first films because they were too young now represent a very interesting audience. The answer is: The Young Avengers.

So the challenge of Marvel studios is to create a team of young heroes that young and old alike will like. Therefore, he is gradually introducing characters that will be very important in the future. Now it is speculated that the children of Scarlet Witch and Vision will be part of The Young Avengers, but they could be joined Kid loki interpreted by Jack Veal. A character that made an impact in the series of Loki, mostly for being the only version of the Asgardian God of Mischief that could kill Thor.

Kid Loki the young avengers marvel studios

Kid Loki the young avengers marvel studios

Actor Jack Veal spoke about that possibility.

In a recent interview they asked him if he would be part of the Young Avengers on Marvel studios:

“So far, it has been an incredible journey and I never expected to get this far.” Actor Jack Veal admitted. “Taking a step like that would be so surreal. I’d love to do something as great as that, but so far I haven’t heard from Marvel Studios’ Young Avengers. “

“I don’t know where Kid Loki is going or if he’s going anywhere, but what I do know is that Kid Loki is such an intricate and complex character. Especially since he killed Thor. So an exploration of his backstory would be amazing to see in the future. “

All movies and series of Marvel studios can be seen in Disney Plus.


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