Marvel Studios wants to show the lost years of Tony Stark / Iron Man

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There is a dark period of young Tony Stark / Iron Man that is not known to have done in the history of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

The movie Hombre de Hierro (2008) elevated the actor Robert Downey Jr. when interpreting Tony Stark, a great character who has been in the decisive moments of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. But there is a time in his life that is not very clear.

To present to Tony Stark in the movie Hombre de Hierro, they decided to create a video about his youth and then give him an award. Although he is not going to pick it up because he prefers to be playing craps in the Casino.

In that video they describe the Marvel Studios character like this:

Tony Stark, visionary, genius, American patriot. From an early age the son of legendary weapons designer Howard Stark, overshadowed his father for his brilliant and singular mind. At the age of four he built his first motherboard, at the age of six he built his first engine, and at 17 he graduated with top honors from MIT. But then the titan disappeared. Howard Stark’s great friend Obadiah Stane tries to fill the void left by the legendary founder. Until at the age of 21 the child prodigy returns to the top as the new executive director of Stark Industries. With the keys to the kingdom in hand, Tony opens a new era with smarter weapons, advanced robotics and satellite targeting. Today Tony Stark has totally changed the arms industry by defending freedom and protecting the United States and its interests in the Universe ”.

There is a dark time in your past.

Since the parents of Tony Stark at the hands of The Winter Soldier and until he returned at the age of 21, a few years go by that nobody knows what happened to this character from Marvel studios. So now they are looking for a young actor to play him. The funny thing is that they do not dare to do it in CGI, since we could see it like that in the film Captain America: Civil War (2016). It will be interesting to know that he could have been living that long and how he dealt with the loss of his parents.

All movies of Marvel studios in which you have participated Robert Downey Jr What Tony Stark / Iron Man can be seen in Disney Plus.


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