Marvel Studios wants Ryan Reynolds to be their new Robert Downey Jr

Share Marvel Studios wants Ryan Reynolds to be their new Robert Downey Jr

It is clear that the meetings Ryan Reynolds had with Marvel Studios left the executives impressed, as they want him to have the same impact as Robert Downey Jr.

Many people consider Robert Downey Jr one of the basic pillars of Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, since with his performance in Hombre de Hierro (2008) won over the public and started a franchise that has become the most successful of all time. But as we already know, Tony Stark he sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos, so we will not see the actor again and Ryan reynolds it will be the one who will take its place as the cornerstone of future projects.

At the moment Ryan reynolds has many advantages over the first time we saw Robert Downey Jr What Hombre de Hierro. Since at that time his film career was not going through its best moment, in fact the director Jon favreau he fought hard to be the chosen one. However Ryan reynolds He is now in his prime and has a lot of very interesting projects in the future, in addition he has already played the character three times and in the last two he has shown that he knows what he is doing very well. Not forgetting that the fans are eager to see Deadpool next to Spider-man (Tom Holland), Daredevil (Charlie Cox) or Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

When will we see Deadpool again?

For now there is a small conflict at the management level so that Deadpool 3 get started properly. As Ryan reynolds is delighted with Kevin Feige Y Marvel studios, but it has a serious problem with Disney. Since they are censoring all the strongest jokes and scenes of the movie. Also, they still want him to have a PG-13 age rating, while the actor intends to make it adult like the two FOX installments.

Hopefully soon they solve all the problems they have and not only see Ryan reynolds on Deadpool 3, but intervene in other deliveries of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. While they clarify between all of them, now we can see the adventures of the “loudmouth mercenary” Wade wilson on Disney + following this link.