Marvel studios reveal Loki’s sexual orientation in Disney + series

Many are the fans who have ever wondered about Loki’s sexual orientation and Marvel Studios has answered that question in the latest chapter of the Disney + God of Deception solo series

The third chapter of the solo series of the Asgardian god of deception, LOKI, is now available and Marvel Studios has answered the question about the character’s sexual orientation. (Spoilers notice).

At the end of the previous chapter of the Marvel Studios series, we saw how Loki found the key to locate his “variant” within the timeline, discovering that he hides in places in time where apocalypse or events have occurred. In which, no matter how many changes were made, they would not alter the sacred timeline, since everything will be destroyed and would have no consequences, so the TVA could never detect an alteration in the timeline. This discovery and the gum wrapper found earlier by Mobius leads Loki and the TVA team to a department store in 2050.

There the team is separated into groups to search for the “variant” and it is Loki who meets her, although to the surprise of the god of deception it is a female variant, whose plan is to unleash chaos in the sacred time line. When she is about to be caught she escapes but is followed by Loki.

Summary of the third chapter

In this chapter we discover that the chaos produced by the variant is a distraction to get the minute hand out of the TVA facilities and try to reach the time keepers, although when it is about to take an elevator that would take it before them, Loki gets in the way; but while they fight they must flee opening a temporary door with the Tempad, since the judge Ravonna Renslayer arrives to finish with the two. However, Loki and his variant travel to the planet Lamentis-1 in the year 2077, a planet that is about to be destroyed by a moon that is going to collide with the planet.

But they have a problem with the Tempad, the device that allows you to open doors and travel anywhere and year, is without a battery so they will find themselves in a race against time to try to recharge it and save their lives. In their search they both spend a lot of time together and we discover that the variant does not like to be called Loki or variant and calls herself Sylvie, which in the first instance is ruled out in principle that she is the Marvel enchantress, among many other things we discovered how his mental manipulation powers work and some new tricks from Loki.

Revealed sexual orientation

In one of their conversations, Loki asks Sylvie if she has someone waiting for her, she confesses that she has something like a long distance relationship with a postman she has met while traveling from one apocalypse to another, and asks Loki if he has some aspiring princess or perhaps another prince in his life, to which he replies “a bit of each … I suspect the same as you”, but also reveals that they were not very serious relationships. From what we have we have the answer about Loki’s sexual orientation.

What do you think? Did you expect it? Remember that you have a new chapter of Loki every week on Disney +

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