Marvel Studios presents spectacular preview of Loki

We can’t deny it, Marvel Studios has done quite well with its series on Disney Plus, delivering audiences just what they want: shows full of action and excitement. And with Loki it doesn’t seem like things are going to turn out badly. This afternoon a new preview of the long-awaited series with Tom Hiddleston is released, showing that the adventures that await us with the god of deception are of high caliber and with a high impact on the future events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Read on for all the details.

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From his first appearance in Thor – 77% ten years ago, Hiddleston he won the hearts of the public with his performance as Loki. The character became everyone’s favorite antihero and not a few began to ask for a movie with him as the main star; But perhaps Loki’s strength was not so powerful as to grant him his own adventure on the big screen, so the high lords of Marvel Studios made the decision to grant him a series on the Disney Plus platform. It seems that at the end of everything it was the best alternative.

The new advance of Loki was televised this afternoon through the ESPN signal during the Golden State Warriors vs. New Orleans. The images present Loki being captured by a very special department in charge of taking care of the flow of the timelines in what appears to be the multiverse. One of the agents needs the protagonist to fulfill a mission, which will take the character to the most unexpected and exciting situations. Will we see any special cameo? Some fans are already beginning to suspect that it does.

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After sweeping the catalog with WandaVision – 95% and Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97%, Marvel Studios is ready to release Loki, a series that will bring us back Thor’s beloved brother on a journey that seems to be quite personal, but how could he be alive if we saw him die in the opening minutes of Avengers: Infinity War – 79%? The truth is that this series will not star the Loki that we met in its most sensible stages, but the one who was defeated by the Avengers in New York but managed to escape after seizing the Tesseract, the cube designed to contain the Space Gem. What was Loki’s fate after fleeing Earth? We will find out soon.

2020 was a pretty tough year for superhero movies, we didn’t have really big premieres. But Marvel Studios is already changing things with the launches of its series for secondary characters that in one way or another won the sympathy of the public. But the company has not forgotten about its films. After Loki we will have the arrival of Black Widow on the billboard and Disney Plus, a tape that should have arrived in May last year but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Very soon we will witness what appears to be the final adventure of Natasha Romanoff.

Marvel Studios is about to change the rules of the game forever. The history of the films seems that they will finally address the much-sought-after theme of the multiverse in its entirety, and perhaps the best of all that could come with the premiere of Spider-Man: Far From Home – 82%, a title that will appear in theaters on December 17, 2021 to drive fans crazy with completely extraordinary rumors. Will we see the promises of a meeting of several Spider-Man from other universes fulfilled? Kevin Feige would be very foolish if he did not make the well-known fan dreams come true.

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