Marvel Studios announces a docuseries about the super women of the MCU

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The idea that the superheroines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) have their own project has been around for a long time. This became even more important when we saw the A-Force moment in the movie “Avengers: Endgame” when the different women with powers that have appeared in the MCU movies come together to help defeat Thanos. Now it seems that we are closer to that moment.

Marvel Studios has announced that it is in active development a documentary series to air on Disney +. According to the official site, the focus will be highlight the women who bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life both in front of and behind the cameras . In addition, they are calling on fans to share their enthusiasm for the series, for which they have called a casting call.

This is an alternative way to expand the UCM, and that is in line with other documentaries such as “Reunidos”, which shows how the Disney + series were created; or “Legends”, which are a quick recap of the protagonists of the different Marvel Studios series.

It seems that the series is still in the development phase, so we will have to wait a bit for its premiere. Nor is it known if it will be a single installment or if it will be a series where, for example, each episode focuses on a different UCM project. Of course, Marvel describes it as a “documentary series”, so it would be logical to wait for several episodes.

The full announcement made by Marvel is as follows:

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Marvel Studios is pleased to bring an original documentary series to Disney +, showcasing the strong and inspiring women who bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life both behind and in front of the cameras. This upcoming series will feature the Superheroes you meet on screen, the brilliant minds who work tirelessly outside of it, and some incredible fans of the powerful women of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you or someone you know is that “super powerful” fan of Marvel’s strong women and would love to participate in this groundbreaking documentary series, we invite you to introduce yourself!

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