Marvel shares a spectacular video of the origin of Baron Zemo

If you want to know more information about the villain Baron Zemo, you can see this spectacular video that Marvel has made.

Currently the Baron Zemo has become fashionable again thanks to the series of Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the spectacular performance of Daniel Brühl. That’s why since Marvel They have taken advantage and wanted to show a 3-minute video about its origin in the comics. Presented by Langston Belton, begins by explaining the history of his name, which is “a title of German nobility passed down through 13 generations.”

Created by Stan Lee and Jack kirby, the Baron Zemo original from Marvel comics, It was him Dr. Heinrich Zemo. He made his first full appearance in Avengers # 6 of 1964 after a partial appearance in number 4. The twelfth member of the line Baron Zemo, was the leading scientist for the Nazis during World War II, working alongside Baron Wolfgang von Strucker by HYDRA.

Created by Roy thomas, Tony isabella and Salt Buscema, the son of Heinrich, Helmut Zemo, first appeared as the villain in the comic Captain America # 168 1973, swearing vengeance against him Steve Rogers for the death of his father. Later he appropriated the identity of Citizen V in The Incredible Hulk # 449 1997 to become the leader of the Thunderbolts.

The live action version is different.

Marvel studios he tends to appropriate the characters from the comics, but their origins change. The Baron Zemo is a clear example of this, since interpreted by Daniel Brühl, was introduced in the movie Captain America: Civil War 2016. He is a former special operations soldier from Sokovia whose family died during the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), prompting him to swear vengeance against the Avengers. The Baron Zemo successfully fractures the superhero team by accusing Steve Rogers’ best friend, Bucky barnes, to plant a bomb in the United Nations. It further reveals that the Winter Soldier brainwashed, he had murdered the parents of Tony Stark.

Daniel Brühl repeats its role of Baron Zemo in the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and even dons the characteristic mask of the comic book character. Set after the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), the series of Marvel studios follow Sam wilson and Bucky barnes on an adventure as they fight for the legacy of the Captain America.

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