Marvel puts Christmas in the first trailer of the series Hawkeye – The News of Chihuahua – Between the lines

Marvel Studios has given us a friendly little reminder that the Christmas seasons are just around the corner and that regardless of whether or not you go to the movies to see their movies, they still have every intention of spending it with you at home for so long. hot times. The new trailer for the Hawkeye series is proof of this in all its tone, but it also tells us that once again we will be facing a dark show that will talk about the consequences of the acts.

And is that if we rewind the tape to where we left with respect to the character played by Jeremy Renner, things were not entirely Christmas lights. Agent Clint Barton saw his entire family disappear as a result of the blip caused by Thanos and this led him into a spiral of darkness and violence that he applied everywhere in the Asian continent.

In full avenger mode and enraged, Hawkeye transmuted into Ronin, until he was called upon by his faithful Natasha Romanoff to save the world. Although, we never really knew that dark side of Barton, the series that Disney Plus is preparing apparently will show us the consequences of it and how the character will have to carry the bow once more to correct all the errors.

At his side will be an unexpected face for him, but highly anticipated by all of us. Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, who is supposed to be the heir to the “hawk” tablecloth, will share the limelight with Renner throughout the series, in what seems like a very dynamic duo. We know that Barton is very good at recruiting and motivating young avengers, as he did with Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen).

On the other hand, it must be remembered that despite the fact that the character recovered his family at the end of Avengers Endgame, in the process he lost his best friend Natasha Romanoff, who died in front of his eyes in an ultra-tragic Greek sacrifice that in a certain way it also saved his life. No matter how many Christmas lights are in the Hawkeye trailer, things are not going well for the character and perhaps that is why Jonathan Igla, a former participant in another powerful series like Mad Men, is behind his creation. along with Rhys Thomas, while the duo Bert and Bertie are the directors of all the episodes.

In addition to Renner and Steinfeld, the cast is also made up of names such as Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, the Mexican Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon, Brian d’Arcy James, Alaqua Cox and Florence Pugh who will return as their Black Widow character, Yelena Belova. , although there is no trace of her in the Hawkeye trailer.

Hawkeye is coming to Disney Plus on November 24, which means that it will be the break we will have between the premiere of Eternals and Spider-Man: No Homecoming. In short, we will have a very Marvel end of the year. You can see the trailer at the end of the note.

Source: CinePremiere

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