Marvel Must-Have comic review. Spiderman: Among the Dead

cover among the dead

Original edition: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man 1-12
Departure date: 4/15/2021
Script: Mark Millar
He drew: Frank Cho
Format: Hardcover, 304 pp
Price: € 22.00

I have the great privilege of writing for the blog a review of one of the best comics I have ever read. It has easily entered my podium of favorite superhero comics and without any doubt the best I have read about Spider Man. “Spiderman: Among the Dead”, an integral that premiered from June 2004 to May 2005 in various issues and that Panini Comic reissued on April 15, 2021 as part of their Must-Have line (no wonder). As a general rule, in other comics —without going any further in its main story Amazing Spiderman—, we find a Spiderman suitable for readers of all kinds, from children who have just met him in Marvel movies to the most fanciful readers of the wall-crawler. However, in this film that I have in hand, and yes, I say film because it really seems that you are reading a film thanks to the good work of direction, script and development, we found a very adult version of Spiderman and I would even dare to say very dark.

You can tell that screenwriter Mark Millar is a big fan of our friend and neighbor, and the affection with which all his enemies have beaten him throughout the full length is worth mentioning. There is not a single villain who has not retaliated this time. To put yourself in a temporary and argumentative situation, you simply have to know that Peter Parker’s great secret is only known at first, the green goblin, Aunt May, Mary Jane and the Black Cat.

among the dead panel 3among the dead panel 3The integral is divided into three parts with a main plot from beginning to end. The disappearance of Aunt May, her search against the clock and how Peter has to absent himself from his duties as a teacher to follow the right or wrong, true and false clues given to him by his friends and especially enemies, as the story goes developing. At the beginning of the first story, with the same title as the integral one, “Among the Dead”, we see a brutal fight with the green goblin and his entrance to the prison on the island of Ryker. It all seems like another day in his life when a phone call from an enigmatic villain puts him on alert, Aunt May has disappeared. After a conversation with Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin confesses that he knows nothing of his disappearance but that a “friend” in common to whom he told Peter’s secret and whom he asked to torture his closest relative if he went to jail, maybe he does know something. He then asks for help at the Avengers mansion and the owl, who has clues that Electro and the Vulture are involved. This leads to the next integral battle, a violent beating with which Spiderman ends up in the hospital and if it were not for the appearance of Black Cat we would have been left without a hero.

This brings us to the second part entitled “Poisonous.” A photo of Peter practically unrecognizable after the battle with Electro and the Vulture runs through Manhattan, and JJ Jameson, who was supposed to be otherwise, offers a lot of money to whoever manages to recognize him. Meanwhile, Peter continues to search for clues and his next plan is to ask for help at the mutant mansion. Rachel Summers uses her powers of telepathy to be able to locate Aunt May, but she believes that she is dead. Elsewhere, the majority of Spiderman villains gather, where Eddie Brock is going to auction his symbiote ally, an auction that Angelo Fortunato wins, and with the firm purpose of honoring his father and that this proud man decides to kill the wall climber. . After once again an intense battle Angelo Fortunato dies, Venom takes over a new host, and Peter Parker makes JJ Jameson believe that his son is Spiderman.

among the dead 2among the dead 2

And we are already in the third part, the last round, allowing myself the luxury of not going too deep into details. In this part they explain who has kidnapped Aunt May, because and everything that has happened and I do not want to ruin the viewer’s experience at all, just read and enjoy. The only thing I want to tell you is that Black Cat and Spiderman are forced to get the Green Goblin out of jail and with that we can finally know if Aunt May is alive or dead.

Now is when I give my opinion, but I cannot analyze something in particular. As I said at the beginning of the review, the story is movie worthy, a very fluid rhythm that at no time makes you heavy. In fact, I was hooked from start to finish. We have a very human Peter Parker, with those doubts that have accompanied him in many comics, and who carries the weight of the world. All surrounded by an endless action that makes us not get bored one iota. Perhaps someone can criticize him that it is not a novel story, but it must be recognized that Millar knows how to play with the elements to trap us in his story.

The artistic level is not far behind, Terry Dodson and Frank Cho manage to make a fresh, frantic and rushed story, which fits completely with Miller’s story, Aunt May has just been kidnapped, she’s not going to stop for coffee while reading the Daily Buggle, and makes bad jokes with her trusted waiter.

Without a doubt this integral is one of the best works of the author. Besides, ands autoconclusive, we can read it independently of any other collection of the wall-crawler and that I recommend and practically force you to quickly place on the shelf at home.

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