Marvel is groping through a list of new characters and you’ll be surprised who they are

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting bigger and bigger. New characters join the series, spin off, future films and the possibility of multiverses. And a group that you will surely like to find in the middle of the galaxy of new proposals that the study refines for the next five years.

Who is it this time? According to some rumors, the Big Hero team (which wowed audiences in 2014) it could be part of the Marvel Universe sooner than you imagine. If you are an experienced reader of the saga you already know: Big Hero 6 debuted in Marvel Comics as a joint team (which included bots and superheroes) together with X-Men Sunfire, the famous Japanese mutant. The bond relates the group to the mutant Universe, and in fact very closely.

However, Disney’s 2014 animated film made several changes to the overall structure of the story, thus avoiding mentioning the team’s link to a larger universe. But, amid rumors of a possible (and definitive) crossover between FOX’s mutant universe and Marvel heroes, there is a consistent possibility that characters from the animated world of Big Hero 6, particularly Baymax and Hiro, will debut soon. . According to The DisInsider, the idea could be include both characters in one or more future movies, taking into account the story told in the movie 7 years ago.

A curious journey

The Big Hero 6 comic series debuted in 1998, written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by Gus Vasquez. The story unfolds as a three-issue miniseries. Focused on a team created by the government of Japan whose main mission is defend the country against superhero invasions. In the comic (and unlike in the movie, which omits all information about it), Hiro joined the group of heroes after it was already led by Silver Samurai. The latter, of course, is not even part of the filmic plot.

For his part, Baymax, also changed significantly for his first appearance in the cinema. The creation tended to turn into dragon-like monsters during combat. Yes, you guessed it, her adorable marshmallow shape is an exclusive caveat for her film version.

Despite its creative changes, the 2014 film grossed more than $ 657 million at the box office and still has an 89% rating from film critics on Rotten Tomatoes. The success of the film spawned two television series, Big Hero 6: The Series and Baymax Dreams.

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Little big hits

Big Hero 6: The Series recently launched its third season on Disney Plus. Executive Producer Bob Schooley recently shared with CBR what fans can expect from season 3 of the animated series, noting, “We wanted to emphasize that Hiro is also younger than the rest of the superheroes.” For the producer it is especially important to make clear how deeply symbolic in Hiro’s role is. “That feeling that the people you are with at school are ahead of you. It happened to my daughter; her roommate was a year before her and suddenly she was graduating and my daughter had a year left. Something interesting to explore ”.

For its part, in August 2020, Disney released season 2 of Baymax Dreams. Based on the animated film, the Emmy Award-nominated series premiered with a 43-minute episode titled Baymax Returns.

Will the success of the small franchise be the element that makes him jump into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? According to some very specific rumors, the decision to bridge the different narrative lines between mutants and superheroes could be the perfect time for such a project.

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