Marvel: Hawkeye’s Best Enemies, Ranked

Because Marvel’s Hawkeye is part of the Avengers, not much attention is paid to his personal arguments. The MCU version has remained the most popular due to the range of the series, and the enemies it has made there certainly deserve an honorable mention among its list of enemies.

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However, Hawkeye also has several antagonists in the comics who have been a thorn in his side. Among them are entire organizations that he has fought with the Avengers and SHIELD along with unique enemies who have become rivals for Hawkeye’s role in fighting his criminal activities or due to personal revenge. Here are your 10 biggest enemies, ranked.

10 AIM

Advanced Idea Mechanics is an arms trafficking criminal organization that was initially a branch of HYDRA. Due to his attack on the West Coast Avengers in Iron Man # 201 and Hawkeye’s role in creating the West Coast Avengers in the first place, they have an antagonistic connection to him.

AIM has also teamed up with other Hawkeye enemies to plan attacks against him and the Avengers in general. Due to the « realistic » nature of the group, Hawkeye has frequently appeared to confront them while representing the Avengers. In the Time Runs Out story arc, Hawkeye joined the new AIM, which was the Mechanical Idea of ​​the Avengers.

9 Taskmaster

Known as a frequent adversary of Captain America and Spiderman, the Taskmaster has also faced Hawkeye. The most popular remains Avengers # 223, where Hawkeye and Ant-Man teamed up to take on the villain.

The duo put an end to Taskmaster’s plans to use the Carnival where Hawkeye was raised on a base to recruit and train new minions, with Hawkeye uttering one of his most popular quotes to defeat Taskmaster and establish their recurring rivalry. .

8 target

This rivalry was the result of Bullseye assuming the identity of Hawkeye in Dark Avengers # 1 after Norman Osborn formed the Dark Avengers team, in which the villains posed as heroes. The rivalry centered on Dark Reign: Hawkeye, where Bullseye committed more crimes using Hawkeye’s identity.

Even in the alternate universe shown in House of M: Avengers # 3, Hawkeye is the one who shoots Bullseye clean-handed, while in another continuity in Old Man Logan, the older Bullseye tries to hunt down the Older Hawkeye as a way to finally outmaneuver his opponent.

7 The hood

The Hooded Man is a criminal who amasses a drug empire by using his magic cape. Hawkeye FreeFall # 1-6 brought this rivalry to its finest, as the titular hero renounced his Hawkeye moniker to become Ronin, hiding his identity and crippling the Hooded Man’s plans.

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Rather than fight him head-on, Hawkeye runs himself into the drug trade to steal the Hood’s money and henchmen and wipe out all of the villain’s resources. The Hooded One is constantly at odds with Hawkeye’s exploits, which makes things very personal.

6 Loki

The MCU deserves some recognition as that version of Hawkeye is very popular. In The Avengers, Hawkeye made the worst of mistakes when facing Loki, who was a god, and easily killed him before using the scepter for mind control.

This made Hawkeye a slave to Loki and killed numerous SHIELD agents and participated in the opening of the portal that led to the Battle of New York. Because of this, Hawkeye developed a hatred for Loki that led him to attack the God of Mischief specifically during battle to get his revenge.

5 death throws

There has been a lot of teasing at Hawkeye’s expense about his enemy fighting logic, but this group really suits his style. Crossfire specifically hired the group to fight him, having first appeared in Captain America # 317 to take on Hawkeye.

The group is made up of members with a number of jugglers who use destructive objects as weapons. Their recurring appearances make the Deaththrowers comfortably among Hawkeye’s most notable foes, though they are also always easily defeated by him.

4 Trickshot

There’s been a lot of talk about the similarities between Hawkeye and Green Arrow, but the Marvel Universe has a Hawkeye counterpart in its own brother. Barney Barton always resented his brother for being more talented than him, which morphed into a deadly rivalry after Baron Zemo turned him against Hawkeye for good.

Trickshot, as is his alias, took it upon himself to kill his own brother, leading to an all-out battle at Hawkeye: Blindspot where even Hawkeye’s attempts to win back his brother’s love were unsuccessful. In the end, he only did a bone marrow transplant to save Hawkeye’s sight and to be able to fight and defeat him again in the future.

3 Baron Helmut Zemo

The rivalry between Zemo and Hawkeye was abandoned in the MCU, which opted for their confrontation with Captain America. However, Zemo considers Hawkeye one of his greatest adversaries due to his ties to the Thunderbolts, whom Hawkeye rehabilitated from Zemo’s villainy.

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Zemo made things very personal in Hawkeye: Blindspot by manipulating Hawkeye’s brother against him and cackling as the brothers fought to the death. He also concealed Hawkeye’s cure for blindness and made him go through the hoop to acquire it.

2 Swordsmen

Hawkeye’s origin story is something the MCU should adapt from the comics, with the Swordsman being the mentor he had around this time. However, Hawkeye turned the Swordsman over to the authorities after realizing he was a criminal who only trained Hawkeye to use it.

After that, the Swordsman vowed revenge on Hawkeye and began to try to antagonize him frequently. Hawkeye also took it upon himself to deny Sword Eye entry into the Avengers, leading to another dispute between the two that still persists.

1 Crossfire

Although Hawkeye does not have a fixed arch enemy, Crossfire is without a doubt the closest to him. Because of Crossfire, Hawkeye initially lost his hearing, as his fight for a sonic weapon robbed him of most of his hearing. Crossfire is also responsible for sending numerous other villains after Hawkeye, including Deathspeaker, Silencer, and influencing Hawkeye’s former love interest, Sheila Danning, to betray him.

In Hawkeye & Mockingbird # 2, Mockingbird’s serious injuries at the hands of Crossfire lead to the distancing of the relationship between Hawkeye and Mockingbird. Crossfire is the only villain who keeps his grudge against Hawkeye to shape his criminal activities in ways that torment his enemy.