Marvel fans think Professor Hulk is no match for the Abomination – Tomatazos

The second trailer for Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings came out yesterday. It brought with it a surprise that no one saw coming; a fight between the Abomination and Wong. For years people have expected to see this character in the MCU, but no one would have imagined that this would happen in this particular movie. It was further proof that Marvel knows how to throw curveballs that simply no one expects.

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In fact, there have been many who have wondered that if they dared to reveal this in a trailer, what surprises will the film be holding? It will be that we will see Iron Fist appear or some other Marvel character that absolutely no one could imagine will appear in that movie. Just seeing Wong makes us wonder if Doctor Strange is going to be featured in this movie. It is a possibility that should not be ruled out.

That said, there was one other thing that various fans were claiming: Professor Hulk would be easily defeated by the Abomination. The new design of this character was liked by many fans because it was closer to that of the comics, but it also gave the impression to more than one that he looks stronger. On the other hand, Professor Hulk is not as strong as in his most irrational version and this must be added that he has a burned arm after using the Infinity Gauntlet. Those and other details have convinced fans that Abomination is more than ready to take down Banner if the opportunity were to present itself in the MCU.

Of course, they were saying this on Twitter, a place that has become the best place to discuss this kind of thing.

I want the Abomination to take away the teacher from ‘Professor Hulk’

Professor Hulk vs. the abomination

The abomination would literally kill Professor Hulk

Hulk would be at a disadvantage for the following reasons: -He has a burned arm. -The abomination has military training and claws. -Professor Hulk is not as strong as the original Hulk. -The Abomination looks like it has evolved, so maybe it’s more dangerous.

To the best Professor Hulk is only his fourth phase, perhaps for his fifth phase he is a Master.

Even if these two had another fight, the Abomination would probably rip Professor Hulk’s ass.

Professor Hulk would be destroyed by the Abomination. Professor Hulk is not as strong as Wild Hulk.

Norton’s Hulk could still face the Abomination, this new Hulk or Professor Hulk would be the snack


A lot of people have been complaining about Professor Hulk and I agree because all I want is the Immortal Hulk. The best Marvel has done in years

My problem with Professor Hulk has nothing to do with whether he is stronger or not, but that they just got rid of the constant battle between Banner and Hulk. He’s carried the weight of this monster for a long time, but then Endgame came along and solved it all off-screen that way.

It should be said that not everyone thinks Professor Hulk would lose, some fans came out to defend him. Here are those tweets:

I understand that there are people who do not like Professor Hulk, but that man is still very strong. He rightfully held an entire building and rubble with one arm.

Men don’t want Professor Hulk just because he’s more attractive than they’re ever going to be.

Professor Hulk after discovering that the Abomination is back.

You’re all talking shit about Professor Hulk, but it’s all laughter and fun until he shows up looking like this:

I’ll be honest. The common idea that Professor Hulk is weaker than the anger monster Hulk simply because he is more calming and is not a literal anger machine speaks volumes about how as a society we underestimate traits like patience and overvalue aggressiveness.

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