On day 51 of the country’s state of emergency, the President Martín Vizcarra appears at the national level along with part of the members of his cabinet of ministers to detail the latest measures and update figures that are leaving behind the new coronavirus COVID-19 in the country.

Vizcarra press conference: minute by minute

13:20 hours | “With due care, start some activities to generate jobs. Perhaps it was understood that this week the activity began and an expectation was generated with the presence of people on the streets of the city and the country, but this will be during the month of May. Two regulations approved in the Council of Ministers, a Legislative Decree for Congress to approve so that at the request of the Ministry of Justice so that the Judiciary can make an analysis so that these 30 thousand people in jails as accused without sentence, are analyze your situation. Also, the DU referred to private education because the classes cannot be face-to-face, will be remote for a long time. There were many complaints about private education and an analysis concludes that it is less cost and there should be a reduction in the student pension. What establishes this DU is the transparency of the information, justify the costs and the discount. This has to be public and transparent ”.

13:14 hours | “We have seen that people wear their masks, but they do not wear it or misuse it. We need everyone’s effort to overcome this stretch of the difficult situation due to the disease ”.

13:05 hours | “We are practically 60 days from when the first case in the country was announced. If nothing had been done, perhaps we would have exceeded 50,000 dead. There are 1,444 deaths in the country. We are in an R of 1.4, that is, the contagion increases, but each positive infected infects 1.4 people. We must strive to reduce and contain this epidemic. Today the corresponding Emergency Decree for the delivery of the 760 soles Bond came out, payment is already beginning, but we have to manage these banking spaces to avoid sources of contagion. ”

13:01 hours | “Today, May 5, in the middle of the autumn season, the climate is changing in Lima and nationwide and the entry of winter makes us more alert, we redouble our efforts to avoid worse results. We have exceeded 400 thousand people sampled and the number of daily samples is around 20 thousand, exceeding the goal we had. At check, we have 51,189 positive tests and of that total, we have 5,509 patients who are hospitalized. There are 709 patients in the intensive care units. This week we will deliver the first batch of mechanical respirators and the first batches of the Navy that it manufactured in Peru will be put into service. In some regions we have exceeded the limit and we are running mobile hospitals in Lambayeque and Loreto ”.

12:59 hours | “Today we see that the effects of COVID-19 are not as devastating as they are in other regions and we must work on these inequalities, one of our commitments as a government. We must renew our efforts day by day. Every day we set new goals that allow us to renew ourselves ″.

12:55 hours | “It has been determined to maintain a working group of permanent activity so that the proposals do not remain as individual contributions, but rather documents are worked on to enrich the decisions that we permanently make as a government.”

12:51 hours | “From the National Emergency Operations Center, COEN. We have had a meeting of the National Agreement forum, a forum that brings together all the actors in society, workers, politicians, and the commercial side. We are more than 50 and we have done it remotely. The meeting lasted more than three hours. “

12:48 hours | The president’s conference begins.

11:35 hours | Good Morning. The president will shortly be hosting the regular noon press conference.



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