On day 47 of the country’s state of emergency, the President Martín Vizcarra appears at the national level with members of his cabinet of ministers to detail the latest measures and figures that the new coronavirus COVID-19 leaves behind.

Vizcarra press conference: minute by minute

14:03 hours | “We are reaching the point of decline of this disease. There is encouraging news that has been seen in recent days. The experiences in our country and in other countries allow us a more hopeful look to face this crisis. Laboratory scientists indicate auspicious results that indicate that even by the end of this year we will have the cure. If we renew our efforts, all together, we will succeed. ”

14:03 hours | “We have spoken with Chinese President Xi Jiping in order to have a better focus on how to deal with this pandemic. There is a great commitment from the Government for the collaboration not only of accessories, but also of knowledge. We are sure that the results of this conversation will be seen in the coming weeks in order to meet the needs of this pandemic. “

14:00 hours | “The Minjus has reached a series of regulations to pardon prisoners with lesser penalties. The first one has already been approved, we have to give facilities to other groups, qualifying them without running the risk of giving freedom to those who do not meet the requirements, such as rapists, drug traffickers, criminals, murderers. ”

13:52 hours | “We have determined that, withdrawing the households that have an income by payroll or monthly salary, there are around 6.8 million households that need this Universal Family Bond, of which some have already been receiving with the bonuses that have been delivered in these weeks. With the experience we have gained in this first phase of 380 bond delivery and the second army, the system and mechanism are being improved. We have set ourselves the goal that in May we can cover 85% of this Universal Bond in the entire population. We can say that these 6.8 million homes will have this money, these 760 soles, in this month of May ”.

13:45 hours | “In no way can we allow contagion to continue to spread. As we have gone to the San Felipe de Surquillo market, we have tested 600 people, testing positive for 261, more than 40%. ”

13:37 hours | “Today, we have approved an important Supreme Decree regarding the resumption of economic activities in this month of May. It is based on a study that the Executive has prepared that proposes to reactivate the country’s economy in four phases of approximately one month per phase. Some of them will start in May. The DS is already approved, but some protocols are necessary for activities to resume. We thought it appropriate that this Tuesday the meeting with the members of the National Agreement Forum be held to maintain the indications that we must all comply with to reactivate the activities. ”

13:31 hours | “Of this total of positive cases, 5,098 are hospitalized. We have 7,561 beds available to handle COVID-19 cases. We have 661 people in ICU beds with mechanical ventilation. This week, two more towers will be enabled so that there are 800 more beds available to house COVID-19 patients in the Villa Panamericana ”.

13:26 hours | “As of today, we have 355,304 people sampled, having an average of 20,000 people per day in the last week. Of this total, 313,070 have given a negative result and 42,534 have given a positive result. We are doubling the cases in around 8 days, being a good indicator that allows this curve to trend downward, something we all hope for ″

13:25 hours | “We started a new month yesterday and we remember that two months ago we were immersed in this complex situation in the country and the world. We are in the Council of Ministers, still unfinished since 9 in the morning, but since the agenda is broad and requires until the afternoon, we have stopped it to be able to hold the conference. ”

13:22 hours | The president’s press conference begins.

11:35 hours | Good Morning. The president will shortly be hosting the regular noon press conference.



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