Martín Pérez threw a jewel from the Red Sox mound

The Venezuelan Martin Perez threw a jewel from the mound of the Big leagues with Boston Red Sox achieving the first victory of the 2021 campaign of the MLB.

Perez did not allow runs in his outing earlier today with the Boston Red Sox, who took a 9-0 win over the Los Angeles Angels in Los Angeles. Big leagues.

In his 6-inning work, Martín Pérez struck out five batters, allowed three hits and had no runs scored despite the fact that Angelenos have Mike Trout.

“First win of the season. Today was a very special day, not only because of the victory, but also because of all the support and good vibes we received. I just want to thank you again for everything, and we keep moving forward and winning games. Just to remind you, we are fucking good, “he wrote Martin Perez on his Twitter after his departure with Red Sox.

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