Martial, worst striker in the history of the Blues …

Seen to his advantage during the shock against Portugal, Anthony Martial nonetheless maintained his catastrophic statistics during this international window.

Six months before the announcement of the list of 23 for the Euro, the last gathering of the Blues in 2020 was necessarily of special importance. The lessons of the three matches played by the Blues are indeed all the more valuable as it is now necessary to wait four months to see the France team in action. The (good) impressions left by the players aligned in Portugal and against Sweden in the League of Nations will therefore weigh heavily.

This is especially true in attack where Marcus Thuram, also the only Blue to his advantage during the rout against Finland, did not miss his chance and where Olivier Giroud silenced the critics with his double against the Scandinavians. It is the same withAnthony Martial, preferred to the player of Chelsea in Lisbon and author of a solid performance against the defending champion.

One goal in 25 matches …

Very leggy, the Mancunien has multiplied the calls on the front of the attack and combined with his teammates. He only missed the essential, a goal, to validate this great performance. A recurring problem for the former Monegasque. The statistics are indeed overwhelming for the native of Paris. In 25 appearances in the tricolor jersey, Anthony Martial has always scored only one goal.

It is nothing less than the worst record of a striker in the France team. At least for players with 25 caps. It does indeed even worse than Nabil Fekir, two goals in 25 selections or Bruno Bellone, two goals in 34 selections. They too little prolific, Kingsley coman (25 caps), Raymond Dubly (31 caps) and Georges Bereta (44 caps) still have four goals. The Mancunien will be able to console himself by noting that after his 25th cape, Olivier Giroud only posted five goals on his counter and Karim Benzema six.

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