Martha Figueroa suffers a serious fall due to a Hoy driver | Instagram

The famous host of Televisa, Martha Figueroa, told the mishap who suffered live and blamed one of the hosts of the « Hoy » program for having caused, find out who is talking …

It was on the program on the morning of yesterday, July 27, that the driver Martha suffered a terrible accident and whipped by the recording forum in full live program.

This happened during the section « Save the song« , where the guests and drivers all faced each other to know which team would have the victory, it was there where the fall happened.

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And is that the driver tried to move along As fast as she could until she reached the microphone, but unfortunately one of her companions pushed her and flew away.

In addition, the famous host of the program, Galilea Montijo, was witness from Martha’s tremendous fall and she couldn’t stop laughing.

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You saw everything, we can see the repetition so they can see how Marthita flew hahaha « , commented Galilea.

But later, Martha confessed that did not fall aloneInstead, the culprit had been a driver for causing the accident, however, he pointed out that it was not intentional.

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I did not fall, they threw me, it was Paul, but in reality the tire was flat, « said Martha.

There is no doubt that laughs They never miss the « Hoy » program, which has gained a large audience in recent weeks, even leaving TV Azteca, which is currently going through a very strong crisis, far behind.

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The program has had some changes since the quarantine began, however, apparently this has not affected them at all, as they have managed to keep their good numbers in rating.

Now every few days drivers are rotated to avoid some kind of contagion on set, something that has pleased his audience very much.