Martha Figueroa reacts to threats from Érika Buenfil: « Let him down » | Instagram

The entertainment journalist and colleague of Juan José Origel in the program « Con Permiso », Martha Figueroa responded to the strong comments of Érika Buenfil after she claimed, together with the driver, they made fun of her son.

The journalist, who participates in some other programs, raised her voice recently and before the comments of Goodfil, Figueroa He refuted with a forceful message: « Let him down, » said the driver.

He claimed that the only reason he owes a Sorry The actress is for having made a mistake when mentioning her son, however, she assures, her intention was never to humiliate him or make fun of the teenager as Erika affirmed, reveals the journalist.

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The also conductive who for the first time addresses the issue of the controversy with the actress, a fact that was unleashed after the great anger of the histrionic for the way the drivers would have referred to their son Nicholas, plus some other details of the life of Erika.

It should be remembered that the whole situation was unleashed at one point, after the show host Juan Jose Origel He mentioned that he was « fed up » with the videos of Tik Toks performed by the actress.

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Meanwhile, the presenter would also have offered an apology to Erika during the broadcast last Monday and denied that he had expressed himself badly about Nicolás

Now Martha Figueroa has ruled on the matter and denies having made fun of the actress’s son and sent him a strong recommendation stating that Erika You should listen to « before you go crazy » and exaggerate situations.

I tell Érika, let her listen before she goes crazy and overreacts to things, to invent things.

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He also ensures that he has received several critics for allegedly « making fun of the child », for which he denies doing so

I did not mock, I did not humiliate, I did not say derogatory and even less did I say the word ‘Zedillito’ as Erika says, I said ‘little Zedillo directs his videos’. Point. Nothing else, « said Figueroa.

Finally, the conductive He ended up sending an apology if the comments he made upset the actress. It is a topic that she herself spoke about in an interview, she says.

I didn’t think it would bother her when she came to speak for 20 minutes about that, « he added, referring to the interview that Buenfil offered to Mara Patricia Castañeda.

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On the other hand, he stated that he had not noticed if he received threats from Internet users since they have not been willing to read the attacks on social networks.

They throw their army of fans against us, that gives me the same thing because I don’t eat my head reading what the fans put, but if you want to fight, fight for something that did happen, not for something that did not, he said.

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Finally the driver sent an apology message to Erika:

With all my heart, an apology Érika for not having said the child’s name correctly, I already found out that his name is Nicolás de Jesús Buenfil. So I offer an apology to the boy for misreading his name. Outside of that I have absolutely nothing to apologize for, « he said.