Martha Cristiana joined the reports of sexual abuse against the writer Andrés Roemer – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

The actress and model Martha Cristiana joined the allegations of sexual abuse made against the writer and ambassador of Goodwill for the Free Flow of Knowledge of UNESCO, Andrés Roemer.

From her official Twitter account, the actress of When You Are Mine, recounted the alleged abuse that Roemer experienced and assured that what happened was under a dynamic very similar to that already denounced by other women.

“I met Andrés Roemer at an airport. He asked me for my phone number to invite me to work with him. I was coming back from NY with my grown children. 1996, I was a model. He met me at his office in Parque de Rio de Janeiro, I didn’t know he lived there. He offered me something to drink. I did not accept ”, wrote the interpreter.

“We moved from there to a restaurant half a block away. I felt more comfortable. During lunch he offered me to be a co-host of a show, I asked him about the fees; I thanked him and told him that I earned that amount in a commercial [un día de trabajo] and that she was not interested, “continued the model, who pointed out Andrés’ inappropriate behavior on that occasion.

“All the time being cool, but unfortunately it didn’t seem so bad to me because I grew up in a patriarchal society that normalizes this and other practices that ARE NOT NORMAL. Someday I told an ex about it and he almost spit out of anger. Still several years later I went to his program “Between the public and the private” accompanied by my ex-husband. “

According to what was narrated by the former beauty queen, although there was no physical abuse by Roemer, the writer exercised inappropriate behavior on her under the pretext of offering her a job.

“The stories that I see and read coincide with the dynamics that I also lived, with the [bendita] difference that it did not touch me. The important thing is that we have tools and legal certainty in the face of this type of inappropriate behavior in my case luckily but also potentially predatory in the case of so many women who did not have the same luck. If you have this type of experience, COMPLAIN so that it does not happen to anyone else ”, he concluded.

The actress’s complaint is in addition to six other complaints that the writer already has, which were made known anonymously since 2019. However, it was until February 15 that the Mexican dancer Itzel Schnaas publicly denounced having been harassed and sexually assaulted by the writer and diplomat.

In a video posted on YouTube, Itzel narrated that he met Roemer during the Ciudad de las Ideas Festival in 2019, of which he is a co-founder, where an alleged job proposal emerged. However, the writer took advantage of this scenario to invite her to his home and sexually abuse her.

Days after the dancer offered her testimony, the journalist Monserrat Ortiz, through the Twitter profile Periodistas Unidas Méxicanas, shared her complaint against Roemer; A complaint that he made anonymously a couple of years ago, but now decided to make public.

It emphasizes that the account of both cases is similar, since Roemer operated in the same way: he summoned the women to his house, near the Plaza Rio de Janeiro, in the Roma neighborhood, to, supposedly, talk about work. And, on the spot, the man took sexual advantage of his guests.

Apart from these complaints, there are others that remain anonymous, and that were also shared on the Twitter profile of Periodistas Unidas Mexicanas.