Marta López’s tribute to Alex Casademunt when jumping from the helicopter in ‘Survivors 2021’

This Thursday, the expected premiere of Survivors 2021 took place. And, how could it be otherwise, the contestants chosen to go to the Captain Morgan Island debuted with the iconic jump from the helicopter. As every year, there were those who jumped more or less quickly. Of course, the most emotional was that of Marta López.

And the thing is, the Mediaset collaborator and former Big Brother contestant chose to dedicate her beginning in reality to her three children and recently died in a traffic accident, Álex Casademunt. And she did so after being chosen by the audience to live on Captain Morgan’s island.

According to him, he decided to wear the singer’s socks, and shared the fact that he had been very, very close to participating in the contest on several occasions. “He has been on the verge of entering Survivors a few times, and at the funeral I promised him that he would come with me,” he told Jorge Javier Vázquez, host of the program.

However, not everything was emotion in the premiere of López as a survivor, as he had a run-in with Alexia Rivas, journalist and ex-girlfriend of Alfonso Merlos, shortly after starting the pre-coexistence. So, both of them blamed each other for the accusations they had committed a year ago, when Rivas sneaked into a video of Merlos while Javier Negre was interviewing him.

The reporter asked for an explanation because Marta said that she did not work, while Marta acknowledged that she had missed a apology from Alexia, to which she replied that she owed him nothing, because her boyfriend was Merlos. Then, Melyssa Pinto appeared, the leader of the contest for now, and the waters calmed down.