Marta Higueras assumes the spokesperson of the Mixed Group, to “maintain Carmena’s legacy”

The tacit litigation that was opened between the two heiresses of Carmena to assume the spokesperson of Más Madrid has been resolved, finally, two years later. Despite the fact that Rita Maestre and Marta Higueras shared this position during the first year of opposition, in reality, she was the first who acted as the visible head of the formation that won the most support in the 2019 elections.

However, today Marta Higueras regains strength and presence thanks to her break with Maestre. As you may have known 20 minutes, the mayor – and right hand of the former mayor – assumes the position of spokesperson for the Mixed Group, the formation recently formed by the four splinters of Más Madrid, which were the hard core of Carmena.

“I assume the spokesperson of the Mixed group to resume the commitment with which we presented ourselves in the elections and they supported more than 500,000 people from Madrid. Higueras thus accepts the ‘Carmenista’ style spokesperson. And it is that, as the mayor explains to this medium, from today he assumes his new position to “maintain Carmena’s legacy: with the model that Manuela started, away from the party guidelines of a single hyper-leadership. ”

The group, baptized with the unofficial name of ‘Recover Madrid’, will have as vice spokesperson to José Manuel Calvo, to Felipe Calls What secretary and finally to Luis Cueto What treasurer.

The objective of this quartet is “to make politics a useful space to solve the problems of Madrid men and women and not have any political party mortgage or device limitations.” In this sense, the councilors, who fled the Master’s formation because they understood that he did not pursue the spirit with which they presented themselves to the 2019 elections, “all the energy and work to recover the Madrid that Manuela started, of freedom of truth, honesty and future. The rest is getting entangled in wars that have never interested us, “they explain.

Higueras advances how this spirit will materialize. In the next plenary session, already as spokesperson, “I am going to propose a table in which we promise to rebuild Madrid post Covid, all the political groups, who pay us for that “. Furthermore,” in the most immediate and serious way I appeal to everyone progressive to vote. We have always called for unity and we maintain that this is the only proposal with a future for our citizens, “says Higueras.