Marta Castro has the best ‘watchdog’ to take care of her son Hugo

Since she became a mother on October 29, Marta Castro’s life has never been the same. Now she only has eyes for her little Hugo, from whom she does not separate for a single minute, and she is enjoying to the fullest everything she is experiencing during her first weeks of life. "And when you think you can’t love someone anymore, Hugo comes into our lives. I know that he will be a great son, a fantastic brother, and a cousin, grandson … very special", he wrote on his social networks showing how happy he is with his baby. In addition, she took the opportunity to dedicate some very nice words to her husband, Fonsi Nieto, whom she defines as "a father 10". "I will be eternally grateful for everything you are doing for us"Although, being a new mother, Marta is facing new experiences that until now she had never lived, it seems that she is doing very well and has continued with her life with total normality. In fact, little Hugo accompanies her everywhere, be it on a trip to the park or a meeting with friends. "We are going on a trip! And, as always, Pikes watching my little monkey", the wife of Fonsi Nieto has written, demonstrating that she has the best protector watching over the safety of her baby. – Marta Castro’s compliment to Fonsi Nieto after becoming parents In addition, during these days we have also enjoyed a meeting with some friends, as is the case of Laura M. Flores, who has confessed that she is totally in love with Hugo. "My babies", wrote next to a tender image in which Marta appears giving the bottle to her son while they catch up with a coffee. SEE GALLERY Their greatest happiness Marta and Fonsi were looking forward to having their little one in their arms, who has become the ‘ king ‘of the house. The DJ has given a baby brother to Lucas, the son he had during his relationship with Alba Carrillo, who is delighted with the arrival of the new member of the family. In fact, it was he who was in charge of deciding what it was to be called. "When we broke the news to my son he told us that he would choose the name if it was a boy. He has told us that he will be called Hugo, like a cousin of his, and we think he is phenomenal", confessed the ex-pilot in the pages of HELLO! a few months ago.