Márquez emerges unscathed from a chilling flight


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It has returned to be chilling because, among other things, it has been an incident very similar to that of Jerez-2020 where the right humerus broke and began a long Via Crucis. It has returned to be an ugly, ugly, ugly fall, the kind that, again, can take any pilot to the hospital and keep you unsubscribed for months.

Catalan Marc Márquez (Honda), brilliant winner and overwhelming at Sachsenring, just six days ago, he suffered what in the slang is called ‘high side’, that is, a flight above the dome of his Honda RC213V, an exit by ears, an incredible flight over the runway of the ‘cathedral’, with a violent landing on the asphalt after giving, in the air, a 360 degree turn. Fortunately, MM93 only hit his right elbow, but he returned to his boxing without going through the clinic at the Assen circuit (Holland).

Márquez, who was at that time improving by 13 thousandths of a second the best time of that time of Maverick Viñales (Yamaha), that is, he was fast, fast, close to the wake of the Majorcan champion Joan Mir (Suzuki), opened gas or earlier of time or with excessive euphoria, the rear wheel of his Honda skidded and, in a trampoline effect, he fired the Cervera champion over the top of his RC213V at more than 137 kilometers per hour.

The blow was with his right knee, Marc immediately protected his arm, humerus and right shoulder, trying to avoid the classic clavicle fracture that usually cause the violent ‘high side’ and, after several somersaults, miraculously emerged unscathed of the mishap.


Márquez, who was very fast in the first bars of the first day in the ‘cathedral’, finished the day, already put directly, for the moment, in Q2 on Saturday, 0.429 seconds the best time in Viñales (1.33.072 minutes), which, very much in the vein of the roller coaster in which the Yamaha rider lives, went from being the last in the German GP (more than 24 seconds behind the winner, Marc himself), criticizing Yamaha for not giving him they paid no attention, to be the fastest in Assen’s first two trials. Incomprehensible at all. Between Viñales and Márquez were Miguel Oliveira (KTM) and Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha), the leader of the World Championship.


This is Márquez’s ninth crash since he reappeared, after almost a year without competing, at the Portuguese Grand Prix. The truth is that Honda riders, whose RC213V this year is not up to the level of the 2019 motorcycle, for example, with which MM93 swept, have already accumulated a whopping 38 crashes this season: Marc’s nine, the 13 by Pol Espargaró, who also fell today, six by Nakagami and 10 more by Àlex Márquez, who, last year, finished on the podium and now suffers like all of them.

That is why, for the first time in a long, long time, Márquez was very critical of the work of his team, especially the electronic engineers.

“I’m not talking about the motorcycle, its evolution, its performance on one or another circuit, the criticism or the wake-up call comes because only us, only the Honda riders, me, Pol (Espargaró) and Àlex (Márquez) , we are suffering this type of falls, accidents, flights, from ‘high side‘and that cannot be, we must fix it, but this year, for 2022. In those curves, at that moment, is when electronics have to save you from the accident or, at the very least, reduce the danger. It cannot be that when the rear wheel skids the traction control does not work, the electronics do not act correctly and you get fired as it has happened this year to all of us & rdquor ;.

Márquez acknowledged having been “very lucky & rdquor; in this accident, but he fears that if such a fall is repeated, he will not be so lucky. “I was stunned for a few seconds. Luckily, I have several blows, but none strong, strong. This type of fall should be avoided by electronics and, therefore, we have to improveIt is about two vital things to run: security and confidence. Without security and confidence in your motorcycle it is impossible to race, be competitive and win. Today I have been saved, but in Jerez-2020 I hurt myself and who knows if I can hurt myself again if it is repeated, I insist, this type of falls, these ‘high side’, which only happen to us & rdquor ;.

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