Marlins fear no team and look to make the postseason

The Marlins Miami have only one plan. Enter in the postseason 2021 of the Big leagues just as they did in the 2020 harvest of the big tent.

Those coached by Don Mattingly achieved their first victory of the season on April 3, Garrett Cooper was one of the vital players to beat the Tampa Bay Rays 12-7.

At the end of the game, Cooper expressed that the Marlins they are not afraid of anyone and seek to enter the postseason 2021 of the Big leagues.

We think we should be in the playoffs. We think we should compete with anyone, ”Garret Cooper said in his post-game remarks at the MLB.

The team of Marlins ended his 2020 campaign with 31 wins and 29 losses, qualifying for the postseason. However, unlike the previous harvest, this one is with 162 games. That is why those in Miami must play well from start to finish.