Marlins among other teams will attend Aníbal Sánchez showcase

The Venezuelan pitcher Aníbal Sánchez will have an exhibition this weekend against teams of Big leagues (MLB), including the Marlins from Miami facing a new signing in his professional career.

According to various sources, the Venezuelan Aníbal Sánchez will be shown again in a private showcase before teams of Big leagues seeking a signature for the already started 2021 season, being among those organizations the Marlins, ninth with which this pitcher began his career.

Here is the report:

It is the second showcase that Aníbal Sánchez will do in this free agency and the Venezuelan does not give up, wanting at 37 years to play one more season in the MLB and several teams, this weekend will have the opportunity to see their potential from the mound.

Barry Jackson reported that Marlins plan to attend the training of Aníbal Sánchez this Saturday for the various teams of the MLBAs the Miami team is still looking for pieces in the market and a veteran pitcher is possibly what he needs for the 2021 season.

Sanchez, a former pitcher of the Marlins on the MLB, is still one of the most prominent openers available on the market and that is the reason why this organization is one of the teams most interested in seeing the law showcase.

The Maracay-born right-hander is a life-record pitcher in the MLB 112-113, 4.05 ERA in 350 games and a total of 1,726 strikeouts, numbers that will undoubtedly be seen by all the teams that attend the showcase.