Marlene Favela faces a painful loss

Without giving more details, Marlene announced the irreparable loss of his brother Alain, next to the one who grew up in Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, Mexico, with his other three sisters Laura, Mabel Y Deborah, who also died when he was 18 years old from cystic fibrosis.

Now Favela, next to Laura, Mabel and his mom Silvia Meraz once again they go through this ordeal of firing someone so important in their family nucleus, so the protagonist of Wild Cat did not want to miss the opportunity to dedicate a heartfelt message to her little brother and wish him good light on his way back to home.

With this Insta Stories, Marlene Favela wanted to fire her brother. (Instagram / Marlene Favela)

“Today I say goodbye to you, dear brother,” said the actress through Insta Stories, who also made a very special request to the universe: “May our father illuminate your path and God receive you with open arms.” Three years ago Felipe Favela, dad of Marlene, also transpired on June 4.

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