Market values ​​Primera Nacional Argentina: Tigre remains in first place

All Boys is the most appreciated club

The market values ​​of Primera Nacional Argentina have been updated by Transfermarkt for the first time since April 2020. The market value of the 948 reviewed players increased from 115.33 to 123.32 million euros, that is, the average per player went up from 122 thousand euros to 130 thousand euros.

The increase is noteworthy because the COVID pandemic had a negative impact on most leagues, but the fact that the same has not happened with the First National has an explanation.

Change in market values

First and foremost, because of the situation the planet is going through, it was decided that there should be no declines in Argentina, with which three teams were added to the second category of Argentine soccer: Almirante Brown, Tristán Suárez and San Telmo. Second, it was decided to put a minimum of 10,000 euros to many players who had no value. Finally, many young players showed a high level in recent times which increased their value.

Tigre and Ferro are the two most valuable clubs, but also the most undervalued

One of the animators of the First National 2021 as Tigre lost 3.1 million euros in the accumulated market value of his players. Despite being probably the best team so far in the competition, the devaluation is explained by two players: Manuel Roffo and Lucas Menossi.

The young goalkeeper emerged in Boca Juniors left ‘Xeneize’ as a free player in search of minutes to be able to progress in his career, but for now the opposite happened. The great appearance of Felipe Zenobio in the goal of the ‘Matador’ clearly left Roffo relegated, who still does not add minutes but now in the second division.

Zenobio, 20, was only converted on the first date of the Primera Nacional and after 7 dates without conceding goals, he seeks to break the record for the most minutes with the unbeaten fence at the institution. The situation of both goalkeepers is the opposite since Zenobio is the most revalued footballer in the entire league, having increased his market value by 600 thousand euros while Roffo is the most undervalued player.

The accumulated market value of Ferro’s players fell by just under 1.5 million euros, of which a third corresponds to Brian Fernández. At 26 years old, the forward has experience in first division clubs in Argentina, Mexico, France and the United States among other countries, but he arrived at ‘Verde’ in search of recovering his best level and his first matches are not disappointing.

Menossi, Brian Fernández and Roffo are the most undervalued

The loss of value of Menossi and Fernández does not correspond to their current performance, but like Roffo (although this one without adding minutes) they adjusted to be more consistent with respect to the rest of the players in the First National. To be clearer, the average market value of a player in the Professional League Cup is 1.06 million euros while in the First National it is 122 thousand euros, that is, 8.7 times less.

These three players are the only ones who were part of the update of the market values ​​of the first division carried out in February and that of the second division; In addition to the aforementioned adjustment, their devaluation is explained by the fact that they play in a lower category, by their poor performance in the first division (in the case of Roffo due to their null minutes of play) and by the strong impact that the pandemic generated in the value of all players. In any case, Fernández and Menossi are the most valuable footballers in the Argentine second division.

Belgrano de Córdoba now completes the podium of the most valuable teams

The ´Pirata´ became the third most valuable team in the 2021 First National League, having increased the accumulated value of its players by 720 thousand euros, thus surpassing Quilmes and San Martin de Tucumán, two undervalued clubs. After a great performance in Estudiantes de Caseros during the First National Transition Tournament and a very good start in Belgrano, Juan Pablo Ruíz is the most revalued player in the Cordoba team.

All Boys and Atlanta are the clubs that increased their value the most

With an increase of 1.48 million euros, the Floresta team is the most revalued in this update of the market values ​​of the Primera Nacional and climbed 7 positions among the most valuable clubs in the competition. The big winners of this review are mainly in the defensive zone since between Facundo Butti, Facundo Cardozo and Tomás Oneto they added 575 thousand euros.

14 of the 24 players on the All Boys professional roster saw their market value grow, which is logical considering the good performances and results they are getting with the youngest roster in the competition (average age 25.2 years), age being a key factor in determining a player’s market value.

On the other hand, Atlanta, a group led by Walter Erviti, is fighting for the top of Group A of the Primera Nacional with Tigre and Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza, which reached a total of 3.83 million euros by having increased its value market value of 1.15 million euros.

Alejo Dramisino received his first market value from Transfermarkt and, with 275 thousand euros, he is the player who added the most value to the accumulated of the ‘Bohemio’. Likewise, it should be noted that only 4 of the 23 Atlanta players lost their value and none did so by more than 50 thousand euros.

The least valuable clubs in the First National are Almirante Brown and Tristán Suárez

The least valuable clubs are Almirante Brown and Tristán Suárez, but the gap with respect to the most valuable in the competition was reduced from 12.08 million euros between the first and last to 8.17 million euros.

This gap was reduced mainly by the aforementioned with the Tigre players who arrived from the first division and were devalued, but it should be noted that Almirante increased the accumulated value of its squad by 845 thousand euros, being Santiago Vera the one who contributed the most as it had revalued at 300 thousand euros due to the great performance it has been showing this year.

On the side of the ‘Lechero’, the players to stand out are the defenders Bruno Duarte and Mariano Bettini, two undisputed in the team who received their first market value from Transfermarkt: 100,000 euros each.


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