Mark Zuckerberg called Manzanita to “cause pain”

The relationship of Facebook and Apple eager for new updates that keeps users of various networks belonging to Mark Zuckerberg. The firm of the network mogul threatened to sue the Cupertino and, according to the latest reports, the CEO called his employees to « cause pain » to Apple.

The Apple company, known with the logo of the bitten manzanita, is characterized by its commitment to protect the security and privacy of its users, Therefore, it provides tools to decide on your data and forcing the developers of its platforms to adopt certain measures.

The confrontation between Facebook and Apple started at WWDC of the American company that designs and produces electronic equipment, software and online services, when it was announced that iOS 14, put the focus on the user privacy and forced third-party apps to request authorization to use the information generated by the tracking functions.

By making the new privacy changes, Facebook was hit hard. For several years, the Zuckerberg companies have been syndicated to profit from user data, in addition to favoring misinformation on important issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the US elections Case that was proven in court.

In front of Apple’s new release, Facebook was against the privacy notifications of iOS 14, as it will have a negative impact on the company that is dedicated to collecting data.

But not everything was in words, Facebook is preparing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple since the change was announced.

The main accusation is that the company founded by Steve Jobs forces developers to follow App Store rules that, remarkably, your own apps don’t have to comply.

In addition, they reported that the next changes that will be implemented in Apple devices will be a system of « tracking » user information for advertisements that would give it an « unfair advantage » when displaying ads in the App Store.