Mark Henry WWE recounts when he mistakenly rejected Vince McMahon

The strongest man in the world was in Broken Skull. Mark Henry WWE counts when he mistakenly rejected Vince McMahon.

Rejection by mistake to WWE

On the latest Broken Skull show, Hall of Fame Member Mark Henry was invited. Henry told some stories of his time in WWE, one that has to be highlighted was when Vince called Henry to hire him. The thing was quite curious, the strongest man in the world he was training along with Todd who was the person who did the exercise routine. Suddenly Mark received a call from Vince Mcmahon, but Henry thought it was all a joke and quickly hung up. Henry recounted it laughing out loud and Stone Cold couldn’t stop laughing either.

Fight against sharks?

When talking to Todd, Henry realized that the call was real and not made by one of his friends.. Mark was very nervous, logically thinking that he had missed the opportunity of his life. He was a big fan of professional wrestling and being in the biggest company, it was his dream, but because of his nervousness and thinking that everything was false, he could lose that great opportunity. Henry became aware and called McMahon who received him with great sympathy. Henry told the WWE CEO that he was capable of up to fight sharks. The truth is that the strongest man in the world was highly motivated to be in WWE and as he says was capable of anything by entering the company. The conversation went well and Vince proposed to meet in Connecticut in order to teach you how the Wrestling industry works.

Yokozuna Butler

Henry hallucinated with WWE headquarters and Vince explained the methodology to follow. I tell him that the young had to care for the older. On that visit Mark was able to meet The Undertaker whom he was able to face years later at Wrestlemania. But also he met his idol from then Yokozuna, with whom he would have a very good relationship and help him as Vince told him. Mark took care of Yokozuna and took him to events, while learning from him, of his advice that the Asian fighter gave him.

Along with Stone Cold I joke saying that It has been the greatest experience of his life, taking Yokozuna to the events, above winning the maximum WWE championship.

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