Mark Henry talks about the creation of the “Hall Of Pain”.

He WWE Hall Of Famer, Mark Henry has been the last special guest on the show Stone Cold Steve Austin, “Broken Skull Sessions”, which is available in WWE Network. During this episode, Mark Henry has revealed how his character the Hall of Pain was created. Henry claims it was from a joke on Vince McMahon during a dark match of Smackdown in June 2011.

We leave you with the statements of Mark Henry regarding the topic:

The whole era of «Hall Of Pain»Started with a joke. If you go to the beginning of my career, Vince McMahon he was joking with me a lot. He took me out to the ring and said he was going to have a match against Faceless. He was out there and nobody came out. I went to the referee, who at the time was Scott Armstrong and I said, Scott, what’s up? Where is? And he said he thought his knee was being wrapped, he thought they told him that. And now my situation was a bit annoyed because if Sin Cara appeared and her knee was injured, it was going to hurt her and she felt it was going to be disrespectful.

After these words, Henry went on and said that Faceless did not appear and decided to go to the backstage of WWE.

I started calling Vince and I told him I was resigning, that this was the last time. No one teased me and I was already an experienced guy… Vince asked me; Why are you so mad at that? We’re just playing around a little … I didn’t deserve that. I love business and I respect Vince very much, and I felt that I opened myself to him to disrespect me. After that, Vince he told me; Listen to me, I’m sorry. He looked very sorry and needed to apologize.

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