The strongest man in the world, Mark Henry, is one of the few professional wrestlers who has remained faithful to Vince McMahon’s WWE since signing with the promotion. Henry signed with the company in 1996 and even after retiring in 2017, he has moved into a behind-the-scenes role as a producer. During his time in WWE, Mark Henry won the ECW Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship.

Vince McMahon apologizes to Mark Henry

Mark Henry was at Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions this week. On the show, Henry talked about his time in WWE and shared some behind the scenes stories. One of the stories he shared was about a joke that Vince McMahon played on him and infuriated him.

Mark Henry took us back to the beginning of his wrestling career when Vince McMahon planned the whole prank. The President had told the strongest man in the world that he was going to face Sin Cara. Mark Henry was ready and arrived in the ring, waiting for Sin Cara to make his entrance, but the WWE Superstar did not appear after a while.

When Henry consulted referee Scott Amstrong, they told him that Sin Cara was wrapping his knee again. The wait infuriated Mark Henry, and he was surely going to hurt Sin Cara because he felt that Sin Cara did not respect the business. Sin Cara never showed up, and an angry Henry went to the backstage looking for Vince McMahon. This is what Henry said

I got out of the ring. I went backstage and it was a ghost town! There was nobody there, and I just started destroying everything, breaking everything, destroying the lights and hitting the walls. I wanted everything to disappear. Then I headed down the hall and knocked on Vince’s door to open it and he was gone. So I started calling Vince and I said, “I quit, this is the last time. Nobody plays a joke on me, I am an adult man. ” Vince then said, “Man, why did you bother so much about it, we were just kidding.” I replied: “I don’t deserve this. I love the business and I respect you, but I feel like I opened up to you and disrespected me. Obviously, you don’t respect me and I’m fucking sure I don’t scare you, so we don’t need to talk anymore. ” He replied, “Listen, I’m sorry.” He was truly sorry and apologized.

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