Mark Hamill reveals a secret about George Lucas

Actor Mark Hamill, who has played Luke Skywalker, reveals what George Lucas wanted to do before the screening of the first Star Wars movie.

Mark Hamill has revealed on his social networks that George Lucas requested that before the screening of Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) a short animation of the Lucas Duck that it was a space parody. The director’s idea was that this cartoon would serve as “an icebreaker for the audience to know that what was coming was not so serious.”

Mark Hamill He explained why in the end this did not happen, since it seems that they did not get the rights.

The tweet of Mark Hamill It was actually a quote from the Twitter account of Toon In With Me, which is full of fun information about classic cartoons. In fact, the history of Lucas Duck what did i want to use George Lucas before the projections of Star wars It was ranked number 4 of the 50 greatest cartoons of all time by animation professionals.

Star Wars and comic relief.

Since George Lucas raised the first film of Star wars wanted to do something similar to Flash gordonTherefore, its initial intention was not to create a multi-million dollar super franchise, but a space adventure using elements of the western or Japanese cinema. But other attempts to infuse the saga lightness, such as adding comic relief characters like Jar Jar Binks, have been viewed mostly with disapproval from demanding fans. We imagine that screening the short film of the Lucas Duck before the movie of Star wars not much would have changed from how successful it was. And now Mark Hamill He would still be the legendary actor with whom it all began.

The first movie of Star wars, which added the title A new hope years later, it was released in theaters in the United States, without the cartoon of the Lucas Duck, on May 25, 1977 and is currently available on the platform Disney + following this link.