Mark Cuban supports Cardano, commits to Hoskinson on Twitter

Mark Cuban, a billionaire and businessman, has expressed his interest in Cardano (ADA) during a busy period on social media.

On May 15, Shark Tank character Mark Cuban had a conversation with ADA CEO Charles Hoskinson via Twitter. A conversation that started with Cuban questioning what ADA can be used for.

Cuban says it’s a question he asks all cryptocurrencies. Hoskinson replied and there was an exchange of opinions, and the CEO of ADA explained it briefly but in detail in a tweet.

When Hoskinson revealed that they had rebuilt their entire smart contract modelAmong other things, Cuban announced in response to Hoskinson he was “supporting” him.

“The more valid options, the better for all of us. But since I’ve been tweeting, going forward, it all comes down to utility and marketing. When you have several applications that you think I could benefit from, I will be happy to test them.

Hoskinson responded to this statement with a 12-minute video directed at Mark Cuban. In this video, offered more details on ADA And furthermore, it exposed some of Ethereum’s bugs.

The creator of ADA was one of the original eight founders of Ethereum. However, parted ways with the blockchain company in 2014 after a dispute with Vitalik Buterin.

Around the same time, Mark Cuban responded to a follower that suggested ADA could be used to purchase Dallas Mavericks merchandise, Entrepreneur’s NBA team.

Additionally, the Mavericks also accept Dogecoin (DOGE) as a payment method. In response, Cuban said he would be “happy to add ADA as a payment method”, as long as the BitPay payment processor accepts it.

Cardano ecosystem

Mark Cuban’s interest comes when ADA is living in a positive moment. May 2021 has been a highly successful month so far for the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap due to a series of all-time highs in just the last two weeks. The last of which happened on May 16, the day ADA reached a price of $ 2.47.

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In the midst of ADA’s high performance, a survey showed that crypto enthusiasts believe that Cardano will become the third coin to surpass a market capitalization of 200 billion dollars. It beat both Binance (BNB) and DOGE in this poll, with nearly 10,000 votes in its favor.

DOGE as “valid payment mechanism”

Before his conversation about the ADA with Charles Hoskinson, Mark Cuban had been busy tweeting about DOGE. When asked what the point was behind the meme-inspired altcoin when it was inflationary, Cuban explained:

“Doge has a ‘deterministic inflation’, which means that the amount of inflation is defined. There is no uncertainty as to the amount created and its percentage of inflation, which could allow it to grow as a valid payment mechanism. The question is whether a sufficient number of people will use it like this ”.

He went on to say that supply and demand may make DOGE not survive in the long term. In addition, he clarified that the only DOGE you own is the amount you bought with your child, plus the one used in merchandising purchases for the Mavericks.

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