Marjorie de Sousa: “My heart is very sad. Today I had to say goodbye … my dear angel “

Marjorie de Sousa She is one of the celebrities who usually shares through her social networks not only her work but also part of her private life. That is why it is not surprising that he used Instagram to say goodbye to his faithful friend and partner. The Venezuelan mourns the death of little “Dolce”.

On the social network, she shared a meaningful message to which several celebrities have responded, who, like her, know what it feels like to lose a pet, that more than that it becomes family.

Today my heart is very sad. Today I had to say goodbye, you accompanied me to this stretch my dear four-legged guardian angel. You were always my partner, when I was worst you always gave me your love. Today, in the middle of a long working day, you left me on the call and I had to say goodbye to you ”.

“I don’t understand what they call death, I honestly don’t understand it. You gave me the best of you for 11 years and today I will no longer feel your cold nose, your barking when we got home. Mati will not be able to watch TV with you anymore, nor will you steal her toys to chase. Gee, this hurts a lot. I love you and I will always love you my baby Dolce ”.

“Today you play with your little brothers Mussa and Moshy, my angels forever. This feels very ugly. May 12, 2021 “, wrote the actress and singer as a sad farewell.

The actress Carmen Villalabos, who is currently working on the recordings of the new version of “Café con Aroma de Mujer” has dedicated a few words to her friend: “Oh beautiful, I’m so sorry. They are part of our family and it hurts just like when a loved one leaves. A hug”. Also, Carolina Perpetuo joins her suffering and accompanies her with this message: “It is very hard to say goodbye to our Furry Loves who are so noble.”

This is how his companions also manifested themselves in the soap opera “La Desalmada”. Its protagonist, the Mexican José Ron, left him these words: “I’m very sorry Marjo.”

Here is a video of Dolce with little Mati, which he accompanied with these words: “They always together, as a team, loving unconditionally, brothers. #Dolce #Mati I love you ♥ ️ ♥ ️ #mishijos 🥰🥰 forever you my four-legged angel ”.

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