Marissa Mayer is back and launches an app to manage your contact list

Marissa mayer, who many remember for his work as CEO of Yahoo before the company was sold to Verizon, is back. After leaving the spotlight in 2017, the executive began working at the startup Sunshine and today launched its first app: Sunshine Contacts.

According to CNBC, Mayer founded Sunshine in 2018 together with Enrique Muñoz Torres, an engineer he met at Google in 2003 when they were working at iGoogle. After leaving the company, he took it to Yahoo in 2013, and they later founded the startup after the tech giant completed the transition phase to Verizon.

The first fruit of the company is Sunshine Contacts, a mobile application thate seeks to revolutionize your address book. The app is based on artificial intelligence to manage your contact list, which according to Marissa Mayer “should be something alive and changing.”

The app can merge duplicate contacts, fill in missing fields to complete a profile, and keep them updated. Sunshine Contacts is committed to a section that Google and Apple rarely consider as a priority, and it does so by relying on the same Contacts app on iOS or your address book on Gmail.

“Since I have been working with contacts, some days I get very angry and worry that there are thousands of people who still have my Google email address or my Yahoo email address,” says Marissa Mayer.

The address book should be something “alive and changing”, according to Marissa Mayer

Sunshine ContactsSunshine Contacts, Marissa Mayer’s first app in the post-Yahoo era

The application updates the information using AI and is able to share it with other Sunshine users so everyone has the correct data. This function is interesting since the contact applications are usually local and do not communicate with each other.

Although at first glance it sounds interesting, the reality is that users will have to download the app, connect to it and wait for others to use it if they want to take advantage of the shared updates. Sunshine Contacts will start with a modest deployment on iOS and to use it you will need to obtain an invitation.

The company ensures that will not profit from the data of its users And it says it won’t target advertising based on that information. Unlike what Google or Facebook do, Marissa Mayer’s startup is said committed to privacy and mentions that they will not sell people’s information in an aggregate, individual or in any way.

Marissa Mayer, executive in distress

Sunshine has planned launch a series of applications focused on the end user. Marisa Mayer hopes to offer solutions to manage events and maintain communication with other members of the family. According to the executive, by improving contacts, a base is created that will give rise to other apps.

Even though Sunshine Contacts will be free, it is possible that in the future options that are unlocked by paying an additional fee will be included. The subscription model is no stranger to Mayer, who says consumers are comfortable paying for apps that bring them value.

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