Maripily Rivera pulls her thong to show off her infamous curves

The fitness model Maripily rivera He heated up his social networks to the maximum and exploited the imagination of many when he showed his heart attack outfit minutes before preparing to spend the day at the beach. Very out of her shame, she stopped in front of a mirror and showed off her very striking fluorescent green bikini that stood out to the eye with her tanned skin. To cherry on the cake he pulled his minimal thong so that her fans could well admire the explosive curves of which she owns.

Little was what she did not show and that made her receive a shower of compliments that did not stop throughout the day, because the Puerto Rican did not stop publishing videos and more photos in which she and her attributes were the fundamental piece of ‘composition’. You can see that nothing has managed to bring down the businesswoman and entertainer of TV. Let us remember that he was recently subjected to domestic violence by the partner he had until recently. The good news is that this was short-lived and, the very experience of Maripily With these types of situations, he made her get out of the latter immediately.

It is undeniable that Maripily rivera he knows very well how to make many drool. He is aware that it is an eye drop for anyone who takes just a second to go through any of his social media. The same that dazzle and impact with the infamous photographs of the Puerto Rican.

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