The spectacular brunette Maripily Rivera He does not stop training in normal times, so imagine what he is training now that he does not leave his house for quarantine. Literal, it has been seen day and night sweating the fat drop from the comfort of your home, which has been beneficial for many, since Maripily He has left several routines on his Instagram account and some of his followers are already repeating them.

But don’t think that the fitness model trains in normal lycras, Maripily always looking for the sexiest and smallest outfit to carry out your routines. On this occasion, she put on a blue top that highlighted her bust, and below she chose jeans cheeks so small that their fabric was lost among her prominent rear.

On the other hand, the model continues to delight her neighbors with these outfits, since it is the view of many Brickell apartments, Miami, area where you live Maripily.

Here we leave another video of Maripily Rivera and her outfit for you to see too.