Anything can be expected from Marion Bartoli in the last times. Her emotional imbalances after leaving professional tennis have been permanent, threatening to return to competition, revealing serious physical and psychological problems, and re-engaging in the sport’s show business to become a professional “thinker” in that class of socialists who populate the circuit taking advantage of his merits on the court in times past to pour his perception of everything that happens in tennis, sometimes with little sense.

This is what happened in a talk organized by TennisMajors where renowned journalists such as Ben Rothenberg or Josh Cohen, chatted with Bartoli about formulas to finance the most modest players on the circuit. The solution proposed by the gala is as radical as it is unpopular and surprising. “I know I am not going to make friends with what I think, but I do not understand that doubles are played throughout the year. It seems good to me that there are competitions in Grand Slam and Olympic Games, because they are part of the history of tennis, but it seems incredible to see the budgets that the doubles players handle, with teams of up to six people accompanying them, “said the Frenchwoman to everyone’s surprise.

And it is well known by all that the precariousness that is spoken in the individual circuit beyond the 150th place in the ATP ranking, is just as evident even among the best doubles. Proof of this is that the current number 1, Robert Farah, accumulates earnings of just over million and a half dollars in his entire career, less than half of what Benoit Paire has, for example, a player with a similar number of years on the circuit than the Colombian and who has never passed 18th place in the individual ATP ranking. Consulting the list of the highest paid in 2020, the first dubber is at number 39 on the list, and it is Joe Salisbury with $ 333,339, accumulating $ 1.260083 in his entire career.

“Why doesn’t the ATP stop investing in this modality and use that money to increase cash prizes from previous phases and tournaments of the ATP Challenger Tour? I just do not get it. In doubles the effort is much less, you do not train as much, and you see week after week how the doubles accumulate money. I do not know if we should eliminate them completely, but of course we should reduce them and capture a large part of the money that is earned with this modality, “assured one Marion Bartoli who surprisingly lavished a lot on himself as a doubles player, being 15th in the world, winning three WTA titles and reaching the quarterfinals at Wimbledon 2004.