Everything comes. Despite the damn coronavirus, musical activities are appearing little by little. And if thanks to this, music lovers are in luck, to a greater extent if it is an artist with their own label and vitola. Let’s say that we talk / write about Mario San Román, who this Thursday the 17th presents his ‘Memories’, an album full of magnificent songs. In addition to keeping all the security measures, the price is only 8 euros. And there will also be a release of his second single, ‘Roto’.

Long and extremely interesting trajectory that of Mario San Román González, a Madrilenian from the Concepcion neighborhood who debuted in the world of music when he was just 16 years old and since then has not stopped creating. She started playing bass in a group called Tierra de Nadie. After giving his first concerts with this band, he began composing and switched to electric guitar. What she liked the most at first was creating her own songs, but she ended up singing them too.

He combined hard work at the men’s bar G (Poand Roll) with his love of cinema and this led him to form a new band called The Forgotten, a name he took from Luis Buñuel’s film because it had a great impact on him. He studied scriptwriting and film direction as well as acting at the Metropolis school. This led him to make a documentary called “Tírala Alta” with which they won many national and international awards. And his previous compositions along with new ones are the ones that are part of ‘Memories’.

This song opened his new stage as a composer. He slipped into his life like someone who does not want the thing and thus he became hooked on music with new themes. It tells the story between a couple of almost 50 years who are not happy and decide to leave it, neither of them blames the other. He remembers who and how he was before this. He sees that the world he seeks has changed, like his bars, the music from before, the girls, but even so he wants to recover the dreams that he had and had forgotten. He wanted to get out of the ordinary and find a new life in a different place.

In addition, without leaving the cinema, Mario is the author of a short called “It’s never too late”, for which he has composed the music and the script, also assuming the direction of it. and, without a solution to continuity, this versatile artist he is preparing a feature length which he will surely call “Unconditional Friendship”.