It cannot be denied that the Big N knows how to maintain the activity of users in its games with online functionalities, especially currently recognized titles such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, in the case of the hybrid console, and in Mario Kart Tour, in that of mobile devices, and it does so by organizing thematic events Free to promote active participation by promising the chance to earn new content simply by visiting such temporary events. Particularly in the smartphone version of the famous racing saga of the Nintendo plumber star and his friends, it is almost a non-stop, resorting to internationally recognized festivities, certain periods of the year, cultural features of certain countries and even certain characters belonging to the universe that the Super Mario saga has been creating over the years. This last category is what seems to have been prevailing lately, both with the previous event a few weeks ago dedicated to the stubborn hammer brothers – fire, ice and boomerang – as well as the next one, which will start from next Wednesday April 8 and it will last two weeks, until April 22, dedicated to Yoshi, the adorable green dinosaur as a mount for the plumber and at the same time the protagonist of his own series of video games.

And what will this new event consist of? because for the moment the Kyoto company is quite cryptic and does not reveal much through the corresponding tweet made through its official account dedicated to the game in question, so we will have to wait to see what it translates, although attending to previous events of the style, presumably it consists of the incorporation of new circuits, vehicles and related characters, in this case with the dinosaur. We will continue to monitor any new information that may emerge regarding this new Mario Kart Tour event.

The next #MarioKartTour tour is:

• Yoshi season •

That’s right, if you love this adorable friend, get excited because something surprising is coming …

– Mario Kart Tour ® 🏁 (@MarioKartLatam) April 3, 2020

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