Mario Golf is back with a new installment for Switch

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Among all the activities Mario has dedicated himself to, one of the most fun has been Mario Golf and if you are one of those who enjoyed this proposal by Nintendo on previous occasions, there is important news for you because a delivery is on the way a Switch.

The Nintendo Direct was the ideal setting for the reveal of Mario Golf: Super Rush, the new installment in the series that will debut on June 25 on Switch. This game will maintain the essential elements of previous installments, such as the calculation and analysis of the terrain and the environmental conditions to advance in the field. However, this time things will get more interesting because thanks to the Joy-Con technology it will be possible to swing more realistically.

Likewise, Mario Golf: Super Rush will feature various game modes, including a story mode with a progression system in which you can take your Mii from being a novice to the best exponent of golf at the Mushroom Kingdom. On the other hand, Mario Golf: Super Rush will feature a Speed ​​Golf mode, with various challenges and competitions for up to 4 players full of excitement and fun.

Remember that in this link you will find all the information revealed today in the Nintendo Direct.

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