Mario Baudry: “I tell Dieguito the truth, that his father was abandoned and killed”

Mario Baudry revealed details of the last hours of Diego Maradona

Days to two months after the death of Diego MaradonaAs the dispute over his inheritance heats up by the minute, evidence against his latest environment accumulates. In this context, the lawyer Mario baudry, legal representative of Diego Fernando -the star’s youngest son- and also boyfriend of Veronica Ojeda, gave revealing details of the last hours of the footballer.

On the floor of Fantino in the afternoon, Baudry pointed out the state of deep abandonment in which Diego went through the home hospitalization that led to his death and told how the seven-year-old boy lived the mourning over the death of his father. “When Dieguito asks why his father died … what do they answer him?”, The driver wanted to know Karina Mazzocco. “I tell him the truth,” Baudry replied: “Today I have to say that he was abandoned and killed.”

“Who abandoned it?” asked the journalist Fernanda Carbonell, and Baudry pointed, without giving names, to the last nucleus of Diego. There is a home internment that was not carried out, there are people with a lot of responsibility who did not apply it and in fact we have a doctor who requested an exemption from prison for wrongful death, ”he said in clear reference to Leopoldo Luque. And he added: “The cause is aimed at having several perpetrators.”

Mazzocco elaborated on this point and Baudry pointed out that, according to medical experts, Diego had an agony between 7 and 14 hours, where the heart snoring could already be felt in the distance and the inflammation could be noticed due to the fluid retention produced by the lung edema.

“Anyone who had entered the room would have seen the inflammation and anyone who had been there with minimal concomitant knew that he had a problem with cardiac snoring,” the lawyer said, adding a chilling sentence: Expertise says it, it is an avoidable death and I have been saying it from day one: if Diego had been in any house anywhere in the world, with a little love, he would have been saved “, sentenced the lawyer, and added: “For ten hours nobody visited him. The doctors were not there ”.

The dispute over the inheritance

Millions of dollars, high-end cars and real estate in different countries of the world are part of the heritage of Diego Maradona; since his death -on November 25- the lawyer Sebastian Baglietto He is in charge of managing the fortune and initiating the succession between the five heirs of the idol.

Diego Fernando’s lawyer spoke of Maradona’s heritage (Video: “We in the morning, El Trece)

This morning, Baudry He hinted that when Maradona died he had less money than he made in the last half of his career as a technical director in different clubs and also in his brand. In addition, it indicated that a series of tests were carried out to verify the possible falsity of Diego’s signatures in some documents.

“Of all the documents with Maradona’s apocryphal signatures that you found, Could it be that most of them had the transfer of money to a single person or a single company?”, Asked the panelist of Nosotros in the morning Gastón Marote. “Yes”Baudry asserted, adding: “In the audios and in the videos Diego says no, but later on the facts and the papers that exist, yes. The one who presses the button of that transfer is not Diego”.

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Then, the journalist wanted to know if the lawyer was referring to Matías Morla, lawyer and attorney for Diego Maradona. But Ojeda’s boyfriend was specific in his response and took off his colleague: “No, Matías is the attorney and is the one who managed all this with his people”.

Then, he indicated that his statements refer to “much deeper connotations ”. “And since it is a cause that everyone follows, I try to be prudent and not give names until the judge summons the investigation. Once it is done, there they will find out and many will become bitterBaudry warned.

For his part, he was forceful when talking about the fortune and heritage that Diego Maradona generated in recent years and that there would be money that was no longer in his bank accounts at the time of his death. Always hinting at the inheritance they should receive Dalma, Gianinna, Diego Jr, Jana and Diego Fernando, the lawyer stated: “I don’t know how much he will have earned in his entire career, but from the documents I have, I know that in recent years he earned more than 150 million dollars, and when he died he had only 7 million dollars and no real estate “.

In recent days it was learned that Diego Maradona would have made donations to some members of his family such as his sisters, and also to Dew Oliva, who was his partner for seven years and from whom he was separated since the end of 2018. In this regard, Mauricio D’Alessandro -Lawyer of Morla- assured: “I have the list of all the donations, which is much broader than what was circulated. Those that were detailed are real, but If all of Maradona’s donations came to light, there would be many who would blush”.

Everyone received; in fact, I heard Diego Junior, not Dieguito Fernando – who is the only innocent person in this story – say that Morla had to be held accountable. One of the donations is a car to him, a Mercedes Benz. Nothing expensive. And there is also a cash donation, in euros ”, added the lawyer.

On the other hand, it was said that the idol would have given him his daughter Dalma 300 thousand dollars and an apartment to each of her sisters Rita, Ana, Claudia and Elsa. In addition, there were transfers that Maradona would have made to Oliva, and his mother, Mónica Islas, for 150 thousand dollars, 62 thousand dollars and 1,742,400 pesos.


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