Mario Balotelli charges women with a harsh message

Mario balotelli He is almost as well known for his footballing side as he is for controversy. Inside and outside the green he has always been a loudmouth and his social networks generate more than one fire. Well, in his last publication he has crossed the line by charging hard against the mother of his second child … but also with all the women who read his latest ‘stories’ in which he is visibly angry. The danger of generalizations is obvious. This is his controversial message:

The legislation would have to prevent women who are only interested in money from having children against the will of men, with the sole purpose of obtaining the benefit of money. It is pure evil, sad and immoral. The family is born thanks to love and not for convenience. If you are single, you are having fun and you cannot support yourself, do not use third parties as if they were an ATM; Get a job before you have children. Even if sometimes the law is not correct, God is and the punishment will be eternal. ”

“Giggs kicked his wife and threw her naked out of the room”

Clelia, mother of her son Lion, answered clearly through social networks and letting it fall that something else has happened between them: “I am a physical and mental victim of him, and he never stops, he never respects women. He just lies.”.

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