Marina Rodríguez seizes the opportunity against Waterson

Marina Rodríguez won her award for bravery. She and Michelle Waterson agreed at the last minute to fight in the main event at UFC Las Vegas 26. On Tuesday of fight week it was announced, it could take its toll … but it didn’t happen. At the UFC Apex they offered a lawsuit that did not leave anyone indifferent. The victory was for Marina by unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46 and 49-46), but both came out reinforced. If the Brazilian wants to stay on the fly, she has a lot to say. The triumph and the step forward will help you to grow even more in the lists.

The fight followed the trend of equality during the 25 minutes that were played. The two raised a war in strinking and the battle was tremendous that was decided by small details. Waterson started better, but the best shots went to his rival. Despite this, it was not until the third act that Rodríguez found his distance. At that moment the rhythm increased … and that had started badly by going to the ground after a great kick from the American. Later, the Brazilian took advantage of her size to add punishment. Chen a hand entered, it accompanied them with a very long blast. He almost ran over Waterson.

The fight exceeded the equator with maximum equality. Both had had their moments, but they resisted. This round changed the dynamics of the duel. Waterson managed to take the fight to the floor, where he had an advantage on paper.. He also did it just when it got worse. The punishment of the American was extensive. There were five minutes left and Rodríguez looked tired. Both were brave, but their preparation had not been the best and with 20 minutes behind them, fatigue could be key. It was not. They both wanted to seize the opportunity. Waterson was able to land good shots, but Rodriguez pressed his opponent against the cage and landed. When the horn sounded, the two embraced. They had made a fight, the most spectacular of the night. Marina Rodríguez took the victory, but Waterson also came out stronger.

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